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AFS Tropical Fish Care Tips!

I have a new aquarium. Do I need to do anything special to keep my fish alive?

It is difficult to maintain a reef tank?

Is it difficult to maintain a live planted aquarium?

How many fish can I keep in my fish tank?

How do I know which fish will get along together in my aquarium?

Can fish be shipped all year round?

About My Order

I have a DOA, or a fish in my order died within the first 3 days.

There is something missing from my order.

Why was something refunded from my order?

My fish are the wrong kind.

Can I add something to my order?


Where do you ship?

How do you ship live fish?

What are your shipping rates?

When can I expect my package to be shipped?

It says overnight shipping, but I didn’t receive my shipment the next day.

About The Fish

How can I know when something is back in stock?

What do you feed the fish?

Can I request a certain sex of fish?

How big are the fish?

Using the Website

How do I enter a discount code?

Why didn’t my discount code apply to everything I ordered?

How do I add notes to my order?