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African Cichlids

African Cichlids can be aggressive to smaller Asian and South American species. However, they are the most colorful freshwater fish imaginable! We sell these fish as small (around 1”), medium (around 2”), and large (around 3.5”).

Some fish may be kept with African cichlids, including eels, plecos, larger tetras and barbs.

  • Tropheus duboise
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    Tropheus Duboise

    Tropheus Duboise The tropheus duboise is a solid black cichlid with small white spots. As the fish matures duboise get broad colorful bands around ...

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  • Tropheus Moorii Red Banded

    Tropheus Moorii Red Banded

    Red Band Tropheus Moorii  The red band tropheus moorii, or tropheus moorii bemba, will begin showing color at two inches, though shipping size is n...

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  • Tropheus Moorii Yellow Banded

    Tropheus Moorii Yellow Banded

    Tropheus Moorii Yellow Banded  The yellow band moorii, also called the Kaiser II Cichlid or the Tropheus Moorii Ikola, is a schooling cichlid in th...

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  • Venustus Cichlid
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    Venustus Cichlid

    Venustus Cichlid This popular cichlid has colors of a giraffe with a blue face, grows to ten inches, and gets along with mbunas and peacocks. The c...

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  • Williamsi Blue Lips Cichlid

    Williamsi Blue Lips Cichlid

    Williamsi Blue Lips Cichlid Williamsi blue lips cichlids, also called williamsi north cichlids, are mouth brooders from Lake Malawi with big blue l...

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  • Xenotalapia bathyphilus
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    Xenotalapia bathyphilus

    Xenotalapia bathyphilus  There is no common name for the Xenotalapia, so we all have to learn to say xenotalapia bathyphilus every time we talk to ...

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  • Xenotalapia spilopterus
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    Xenotalapia spilopterus

    Xenotalapia spilopterus  Like the bathyphilus, there is no common name for the Xenotalapia, so you just have to say xenotalapia spilopterus..  All ...

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  • Yellow Kribensis Cichlid
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    Yellow Kribensis Cichlid

    Yellow Kribensis Cichlid Normally our yellow kribs are wild caught from the tributaries of the Congo River. At present we are bringing these in fro...

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  • Zebra Cichlid Orange Blotch
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    Zebra Cichlid Orange Blotch

    Orange Blotch Zebra Cichlid The orange blotch zebra, or OB zebra cichlid, has a pattern similar to the show quality red usturi koi fish. This zebra...

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  • Zebra Cichlid Red

    Zebra Cichlid Red

    Red Zebra Cichlid The red zebra is a solid red mbuna cichlid found in Lake Malawi. The red zebra cichlid is quite active and will be aggressive wit...

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