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  • African Dwarf Frog
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    African Dwarf Frog

    African Dwarf Frog The African dwarf frog will live its entire life underwater. However, they are lung breathers and need access to the surface. Th...

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  • Blond Dwarf Frog

    Blond Dwarf Frog

    Blond Dwarf Frog The blond dwarf frog is a natural color morph of the fully aquatic oddball the African dwarf frog. These little frogs are not albi...

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  • Indian Mudskipper
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    Indian Mudskipper

    Indian Mudskipper The Indian Mudskipper, or Asian dwarf mudskipper, is a cute little guy that does not get bigger that a slender three inches. The...

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  • Mudskipper African

    Mudskipper African

    Mudskipper African African mudskippers spend much of their lives out of water, these guys love to sunbath and require a surface area - rock or drif...

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  • Asian Floating Frog
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    Asian Floating Frog

    Asian Floating Frog The Asian floating frog comes from Indonesia where they are a common site floating among the rice paddies and feeding on insect...

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  • Pacman Frog Green
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    Pacman Frog Green

    Green Pacman Frog Pacman frogs are famous for their giant Pacman Arcade mouth - in fact grown adults may be fed pinkie mice (but no more than once ...

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