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Australian and New Guinea Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish are a group of small colorful fish found in the rivers and lakes of Australia and New Guinea. They are active swimmers, often schooling near the surface of the aquarium. Rainbows will vary in size from the dwarf Pseudomugil species (including Threadfin and Forktail rainbows, etc) maxing out around 1.5 inches to the larger Melanotaenia species (including Boesemanii and Turquoise rainbows) reaching 4 inches. All species of Rainbowfish are perfectly suited for community aquariums.
  • Melanotaenia fluviatilis

    Australian Rainbowfish

    Australian Rainbowfish Australian Rainbows are larger three inch schooling fish and have an irridescent pattern. We recommend good swimming space ...

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  • Blue Eye Gertrudae -

    Blue Eye Gertrudae Rainbowfish

    Blue Eye Gertrudae ARU II Rainbowfish The classic blue-eye gertrudae is a beautiful small schooling rainbowfish suitable for planted aquariums and ...

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  • Blue Eye Tenellus Rainbow
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    Blue Eye Tenellus Rainbow

    Blue Eye Tenellus As with most rainbow fish, the male blue eye tenellus rainbow fish have larger fins and more color than the female, but boths sex...

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  • Melanotaenia boesemani

    Boesemani Rainbowfish

    Boesemani Rainbowfish The boesemani rainbow was first discovered, at least from the aquarium trade's point of view, by the Dutch ichthyologist Dr. ...

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  • Celebese Rainbowfish
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    Celebese Rainbowfish

    Celebese Rainbowfish Celebese rainbow come from the Indonesian island once known as Celebese for fo political correctness is now the Island of Sul...

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  • Emerald Rainbowfish
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    Emerald Rainbowfish

    Emerald Rainbowfish The emerald rainbowfish, or wanamensis rainbowfish, is another example of a splendid species that might soon only exist due to ...

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  • Pseudomugil furcatus
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    Forktail Rainbowfish

    Forktail Rainbowfish The forktail rainbowfish, also known as the furcata rainbow, is prized for the bight yellow fringe all along the fins when the...

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  • Kamaka Rainbowfish

    Kamaka Rainbowfish

    Kamaka Rainbowfish The Kamaka rainbowfish was discovered in the Kamaka Lake on the island of Iran Jaya (Indonesia). These beautiful blue and purple...

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  • Maccullochi Rainbow
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    Maccullochi Rainbow

    Maccullochi Rainbowfish Maccullochi rainbowfish, or redfin dwarf rainbowfish, are found in small rivers and ponds and billabongs (there is that wo...

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  • Madagascar Rainbow

    Madagascar Rainbow

    Madagascar Rainbow Most rainbowfish are a group of small colourful fish found in the rivers and lakes of Australia and New Guinea. A few rainbowfis...

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  • Melanotaenia praecox

    Neon Dwarf Praecox Rainbowfish

    Neon Dwarf Praecox Rainbowfish The neon dwarf rainbowfish, or praecox rainbow, loves to school and the colors on these fish get bolder and bolder a...

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  • Paskai Rainbowfish

    Paskai Rainbowfish

    Paskai Rainbowfish The paskai rainbowfish, also called the blue-eye red neon rainbow, are new to the aquarium trade. First featured in Amazonas mag...

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  • Red Rainbowfish
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    Red Rainbowfish

    Red Rainbowfish The red rainbowfish is one of the larger rainbows growing to about four inches and the males become deep deep red while the females...

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  • Signifer Rainbowfish

    Signifer Rainbowfish

    Signifer Rainbowfish Signifer is Latin for signal and this refers to the offset fins of the male signifer rainbow which expand and and compress whe...

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  • Threadfin Rainbowfish
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    Threadfin Rainbowfish

    Threadfin Rainbowfish The threadfish rainbowfish, also called the featherfin rainbowfish, are well known and cherished for the long flowing fins of...

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  • Trifasciatus Rainbowfish
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    Trifasciatus Rainbowfish

    Trifasciatus Rainbow Trifasciatus rainbowfish, or three banded rainbowfish, are found in small rivers and ponds and billabongs (there is that word...

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  • Turquoise Rainbowfish
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    Turquoise Rainbowfish

    Turquoise Rainbowfish The turquoise rainbowfish is also known as the Lake Kutubu rainbowfish and grows to a beautiful blue schooling fish. Like man...

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  • Yellow Axelrodi Rainbowfish

    Yellow Axelrodi Rainbowfish

    Yellow Axelrodi Rainbowfish The yellow rainbowfish is one of the larger and rarer rainbowfish of New Guinea and similar in size and behavior to the...

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