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  • Black Cap Basslet

    Black Cap Basslet

    Black Cap Basslet  Black Cap Basslet, or simpler Blackcap Basslet or Blackcap Gramma,  is a deep water species found throughout the Caribbean. Its...

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  • Chalk Basslet

    Chalk Basslet

    Chalk Basslet This reef safe fish is great for the beginning hobbyist. that likes places to hide. Scientific Name: Serranus tortugarum Origin: C...

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  • Lantern Basslet
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    Lantern Basslet

    Lantern Basslet Takes a great aquarium addition given the correct aquarium mates. The Lantern Basslet is attractive and hardy, but may be harmful t...

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  • Swales Swissguard Basslet
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    Swales Swissguard Basslet

    Swales Swissguard Basslet These basslets are great nano tank species and hardy, growing to only three inches. Scientific Name: Liopropoma swalesi...

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  • Swallowtail Angelfish

    Swallowtail Angelfish

    Swallowtail Angelfish The Swallowtail Angelfish is often called the Spotbreast Angelfish or Blackspot Angelfish. Subtle colors and compatible with ...

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  • Harlequin Basslet
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    Harlequin Basslet

    Harlequin Basslet Scientifically speaking, the basslets are members of the family Grammatidae. Within the marine fish hobby world this category als...

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