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  • Dwarf Lily Bulb
    Save 15%
    Original price 5.99
    Current price $5.09

    Dwarf Lily Bulb

    Dwarf Lily Bulb When we receive our dward lily bulbs they do not have any growth. Growth should take place with small leaves sprouting within two w...

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  • Baby Tears
    Save 15%
    Original price 7.49
    Current price $6.37

    Baby Tears

    Baby Tears Baby tears will flourish in the aquarium under good lighting and water conditions, though even without ideal conditions the plants shoul...

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  • Java Moss
    Save 15%
    Original price 9.99
    Current price $8.49

    Java Moss

    Java Moss In the right aquatic conditions java moss is a prolific ground cover. Java moss is attractive and looks very much like terrestrial moss a...

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  • Poecilia Velifera
    Save 30%
    Original price 21.49
    Current price $15.04

    Dalmation Sailfin Molly (Pair)

    Dalmation Sailfin Molly (Pair) The dalmation sailfin molly, also called the black marble sailfin molly, have a white spotted and marbled pattern on...

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  • Polar Blue Convict Cichlid
    Save 30%
    Original price 15.49
    Current price $10.84

    Polar Blue Convict Cichlid

    Polar Blue Convict Cichlid The polar blue convict cichlid is a beautiful new hybrid that is finding fast approval among cichlid enthusiasts. The pa...

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  • Corydoras sterbai
    Save 30%
    Original price 14.49
    Current price $10.14

    Sterbai Cory

    Sterbai Cory The sterbai cory is a leopard cory with gold high-lights, and one of the prettiest of the leopard cory and very difficult to find in t...

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  • Chocolate Gourami
    Save 20%
    Original price 15.49
    Current price $12.39

    Chocolate Gourami

    Chocolate Gourami Just as the name implies chocolate gouramis have a pleasant chocolate color and are terrific pet fish in nano and planted tanks. ...

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  • Red Lobster
    Sold out
    Original price 34.19
    Current price $27.35

    Red Lobster

    Salt Water Red Lobster The red lobster, also called the hairy reef lobster and the Hawaii Lobster, has elongated, flat appendages that are used mos...

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  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
    from $24.49

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Coral Beauty Angel, Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish, or just Coral Beauty, fea...

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  • Centropyge flavissima
    from $42.39

    Lemonpeel Angelfish

    Lemon Peel Angelfish  Lemonpeel Angelfish, or Lemon Peel Angelfish, are a cheery yellow color with sky-blue highlights on the lips and encircling t...

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  • Koran Angelfish
    from $75.24

    Koran Angelfish

    Koran Angelfish Koran Angelfish, also referred to as the Semicircular Angelfish or Halfcircled Angelfish, is an extremely popular and hardy angelfi...

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  • Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish
    from $55.26

    Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish

    Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish  Heniochus Black & White Butterflyfish, also known as Longfin Bannerfish, has a very elongated white ...

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  • Raccoon Butterflyfish
    from $79.19

    Raccoon Butterflyfish

    Raccoon Butterflyfish  Raccoon Butterflyfish are yellow-orange, but darker on the upper half of the body. It has a black patch around its eyes, wit...

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  • Pajama Cardinal
    Save 20%
    Original price 34.99
    Current price $27.99

    Pajama Cardinalfish

    Pajama Cardinalfish Also known as the Polka-dot Cardinalfish, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Coral Cardinalfish, Pajama Cardinal, and the Red Spotte...

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  • Banggai Cardinalfish
    from $25.19

    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Banggai Cardinalfish   Also known as Kaudern's or Longfin Cardinal, the Banggai Cardinal are a bit more aggressive than the similar Pajama Cardinal...

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  • Yellow Watchman Goby
    Save 30%
    Original price 42.98
    Current price $30.09

    Yellow Watchman Goby

    Yellow Watchman Goby An interesting specimen that forms a very cool symbiotic relationship with the pistol shrimp. The yellow watchman goby watches...

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  • Cleaner Wrasse
    Save 30%
    Original price 32.98
    Current price $23.09

    Cleaner Wrasse

    Cleaner Wrasse Usually found at cleaning stations. Cleaning stations are occupied by different units of cleaner wrasses, such as a group of youth...

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  • Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)
    from $181.99

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish The Blue Jaw Trigger, sometimes called the Blue Throat Trigger, grows to 10 inches and will be safe in reef tanks and general ...

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  • Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish
    Save 30%
    Original price 101.49
    Current price $71.04

    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish

    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish Niger Triggerfish have a few different common names like the Red Tooth Triggerfish and the Black Triggerfish. The Niger...

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  • Green Mushroom Coral
    from $65.79

    Green Mushroom Coral

    Green Mushroom Coral These corals are hardy and grow quickly. Since these corals are semi-aggressive, they will need space from other corals and i...

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  • Zoanthid Frag
    Save 30%
    Original price 108.99
    Current price $76.29

    Zoanthid Frag

    Zoanthids  They are formed as individual polyps, or are attached by a fleshy stolon or from small pieces of sediment, sand and rock.Colony Polyps h...

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  • Peppermint Shrimp -
    Save 20%
    Original price 12.49
    Current price $9.99

    Peppermint Shrimp

    Peppermint Shrimp Also known as Veined Shrimp and the Caribbean Cleaner Shrimp, the peppermint shrimp is a staple in the marine aquarium industry. ...

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  • Cleaner Shrimp
    Save 30%
    Original price 53.99
    Current price $37.79

    Cleaner Shrimp

    Cleaner Shrimp Also called the Scarlet Skunk Shrimp, will set up a cleaning station upon coral or rocks in the aquarium. When fish need a good clea...

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  • Sexy Shrimp
    Save 20%
    Original price 42.99
    Current price $34.39

    Sexy Shrimp

    Sexy Shrimp Gets its name from its provocative waving motion it makes with its abdomen. This is a very small shrimp that makes a perfect addition t...

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