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  • Onyx Nassarius Snail
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    Onyx Nassarius Snail

    Onyx Nassarius Snail Scientific Name: Nassarius distortus Origin: Caribbean Max Size: 3/4 inch   

  • Sea Apple
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    Sea Apple

    The body and tentacles of the Sea Apple, or Philippine Sea Apple, can be a  vareity of colors, but it always has yellow feet. The oral region is us...

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  • Flame Scallop
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    Flame Scallop

    Flame Scallop The flame scallop or red flame clam requires plankton and mineral supplements to thrive, so this may not be the best species for a s...

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  • Common Feather Duster
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    Common Feather Duster

    Feather Duster Sabellastarte is a genus of marine polychaete worms in the family Sabellidae Sabellidae are a family of marine polychaete tube worms...

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  • Rainbow Coral Polyp
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    Rainbow Coral Polyp

    Obviously this zoanthid coral has very nice coloration, and the Rainbow coral, sold as a large single polyp, is hardy and peaceful.

  • Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus)
    from $23.99

    Green Mandarin Goby

    Green Mandarin Goby The Green Mandarine Goby is one of the most colorful creatures on the planer. Most beginner saltwater aquarium owners will buy ...

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  • Green Mushroom Coral
    from $62.99

    Green Mushroom Coral

    Green Mushroom Coral These corals are hardy and grow quickly. Since these corals are semi-aggressive, they will need space from other corals and i...

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  • Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia
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    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia are native the the Americas and grow the the surface of ponds and have small yellow and white flowers. In the...

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  • Fire Red Shrimp
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    Fire Red Shrimp

    Fire Red Shrimp Fire red shrimp, or simpley fire shrimp, are considered one of the vibrant color shrimps out there for your reef tank they also ca...

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  • Green Bubble  Anemone
    from $36.74

    Green Bubble Anemone

    Bubble Tip Anemone In order to keep the color on your anemone vibrant, it will need to be exposed to a lot of lighting. For this use intense fluore...

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  • Cleaner Shrimp
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    Current price $27.29

    Cleaner Shrimp

    Cleaner Shrimp Also called the Scarlet Skunk Shrimp, will set up a cleaning station upon coral or rocks in the aquarium. When fish need a good clea...

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  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
    from $24.49

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Coral Beauty Angel, Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish, or just Coral Beauty, fea...

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  • Sailfin Tang
    from $43.49

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang Like all tangs or surgeons, the Sailfin Tang will eat all the pesky hair algae in the aquarium. The Salifin Tang grow to one foot and ...

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  • Royal Gramma
    from $26.34

    Royal Gramma

    Royal Gramma A bicolored fish with its front half purple and its back half a bright orange or yellow. It is one of the most recognizable species of...

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  • Bloodfin Tetra
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    Current price $4.89

    Bloodfin Tetra

    Bloodfin Tetra The bloodfin tetra has a solid bluish silver body with bright red fins. A group of these fish make a very pretty school in the fish ...

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  • L-56 Chubby Pleco
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    Current price $38.24

    L-56 Chubby Pleco

    L-56 Chubby Pleco Chubby plecos come from rocky streams in Brazil and earn their name. Even their scales are fat and wide. The chubby pleco may cha...

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  • Longfin Zebra Danio
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    Current price $5.09

    Longfin Zebra Danio

    Longfin Zebra Danio The Longfin Zebra Danio is a veil fin variation of the zebra danio. The fins grow longer and more distinctive as the fish grows...

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  • Neon Blue Tuxedo Guppy (Pair)
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    Neon Blue Tuxedo Guppy (Pair)

    Neon Blue Tuxedo Guppy pair The Neon Blue Tux Guppy is one of the unique coloration’s of  the Poecilia reticulata guppy. They are popular among beg...

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  • Bolivian Ram
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    Bolivian Ram

    Bolivian Ram The Bolivian ram is a separate species from the blue rams - which have been bred to many variations like the gold ram, the german blue...

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  • Giant Danio
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    Current price $4.24

    Giant Danio

    Giant Danio The Giant Danio is a flashy large schooling fish that will grow to about three inches in the aquarium. Extremely hardy, giant danios ma...

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  • Giant Gourami
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    Original price 36.49
    Current price $31.01

    Giant Gourami

    Giant Gourami The giant gourami looks like an ugly gentle giant when it gains it's massive size but looks are deceiving. Giant gourami have a lot o...

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  • Goniopora Green Flowerpot Coral
    from $73.84

    Goniopora Green Flowerpot Coral

    Goniopora Flowerpot Coral Is often referred to as Flowerpot, Daisy coral,ball coral, or sunflower coral. It is not overly aggressive but space shou...

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  • Ocellaris Clownfish
    from $19.97

    Ocellaris Clownfish

    Ocellaris Clownfish The Ocellaris Clownfish is the aquarium industry's most popular saltwater aquarium fish. Its beautiful orange body dressed with...

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  • Scarlet Temple Plant
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    Scarlet Temple Plant

    Scarlet Temple Plant Scarlet temple is a very pretty aquarium plant similar to the temple plant but features scarlet red undertones on the elongate...

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