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  • Onyx Nassarius Snail
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    Onyx Nassarius Snail

    Onyx Nassarius Snail Scientific Name: Nassarius distortus Origin: Caribbean Max Size: 3/4 inch   

  • Sea Apple
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    Sea Apple

    The body and tentacles of the Sea Apple, or Philippine Sea Apple, can be a  vareity of colors, but it always has yellow feet. The oral region is us...

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  • Flame Scallop
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    Flame Scallop

    Flame Scallop The flame scallop or red flame clam requires plankton and mineral supplements to thrive, so this may not be the best species for a s...

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  • Common Feather Duster
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    Common Feather Duster

    Feather Duster Sabellastarte is a genus of marine polychaete worms in the family Sabellidae Sabellidae are a family of marine polychaete tube worms...

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  • Rainbow Coral Polyp
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    Rainbow Coral Polyp

    Obviously this zoanthid coral has very nice coloration, and the Rainbow coral, sold as a large single polyp, is hardy and peaceful.

  • Green Mushroom Coral
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    Green Mushroom Coral

    Green Mushroom Coral These corals are hardy and grow quickly. Since these corals are semi-aggressive, they will need space from other corals and i...

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  • Red and Green Candy Cane Coral
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    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral

    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral The Candy Cane Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as the Trumpet, Torch, Candy, or Bullseye...

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  • Scopas Brown Tang
    from $50.49

    Scopas Brown Tang

    Scopas Brown Tang The Scopas Tang is a member of the genus Zebramosa, which is a part of the Tang/Surgeonfish family most notable known for their t...

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  • Tridacna Maxima Clams
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    Tridacna Maxima Clams

    Tridacna Maxima The Tridacna Maxima Clam also goes by the common name of the giant clam but it's really the small giant clam since the true giant c...

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  • Royal Gramma
    from $24.22

    Royal Gramma

    Royal Gramma A bicolored fish with its front half purple and its back half a bright orange or yellow. It is one of the most recognizable species of...

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  • Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia
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    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia are native the the Americas and grow the the surface of ponds and have small yellow and white flowers. In the...

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  • Java Fern
    from $4.49

    Java Fern

    Java Fern Java fern are from the Island of Java in Indonesia and grow to about ten inches. These plants are very hardy and will root to drift wood ...

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  • Pajama Cardinal
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    Pajama Cardinalfish

    Pajama Cardinalfish Also known as the Polka-dot Cardinalfish, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Coral Cardinalfish, Pajama Cardinal, and the Red Spotte...

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  • Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)
    from $177.49

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish The Blue Jaw Trigger, sometimes called the Blue Throat Trigger, grows to 10 inches and will be safe in reef tanks and general ...

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  • Valenciennea puellaris
    from $28.49

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    Diamond Watchman Goby The Diamond Watchman Goby are harder to transition to prepared foods and rely on sand sifting for nutrition. It is best to pu...

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  • Emerald Crab
    from $10.49

    Emerald Crab

    Emerald Crab A good scavenger and reef safe and very hardy.  Scientific Name: Mithraculus sculptus Max Size: 2 1/2 inches Diet: dried seaweed ...

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  • Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish
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    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish

    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish Niger Triggerfish have a few different common names like the Red Tooth Triggerfish and the Black Triggerfish. The Niger...

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  • Naso lituratus
    from $116.39

    Naso Tang

    Naso Tang The Naso Tang should play well with other fish species, except for other tangs and surgeonfish. Invertebrates should be left alone, but ...

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  • Dogface Puffer
    from $90.38

    Dogface Puffer

    Arothron nigropunctatus is a small sized fish which grows up to 1 ft. length. Its body is oval shape, spherical and relatively elongated. The skin ...

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  • Mexican Turbo Snail
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    Mexican Turbo Snail

    Mexican Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosus, native to the waters off the coast of Mexico, is an excellent algae-eater and beneficial tank member. They ar...

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  • Halloween Hermit Crab
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    Current price $16.98

    Halloween Hermit Crab

    Halloween Hermit Crab The bright orange Halloween Crab is the fanciest colored crab for the salt water aquarium. The crab is a good scavenger, reef...

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  • Tiger Blood Nerite Snail
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    Current price $2.96

    Tiger Blood Nerite Snail

    Tiger Nerite Snail The tiger blood snail, or tiger nerite snail, has a distinct wavy pattern on the shell and loves algae. These snails do not harm...

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  • Enantiopus kilesa
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    Enantiopus kilesa

    Enantiopus kilesa Here is another Tanganyikan that is so rare that we have to say the full name - apparently only common fish get common names. Lik...

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  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
    from $28.79

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Coral Beauty Angel, Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish, or just Coral Beauty, fea...

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