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  • Bicolor Dottyback

    Bicolor Dottyback

    Bicolor Dottyback The bright and beautiful Bicolor Dottyback is a good addition to nano tanks and larger tanks which do not have large aggressive t...

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  • Purple Dottyback

    Purple Dottyback

    Purple Dottyback The Purple Dottyback, also called the Orchid Dottyback,  is a great addition to any nano fish tank and larger fish tank which do n...

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  • Yellow Dottyback
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    Yellow Dottyback

    Yellow Dottyback This is a fish that balances beautiful, sunflower yellow coloration with an equally intense attitude. Confident around aggressive ...

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  • Splendid Dottyback

    Splendid Dottyback

    Splendid Dottyback Also known as the Splendid Pseudochromis, has a blue body covered with white to light yellow spotting. It also has a yellow tail...

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  • Springer's Dottyback

    Springer's Dottyback

    Springer's Dottyback (tank raised) Springer's Dottyback or Pseudochromis is a bit harder to find and therefore are a bit pricier than other dottyba...

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  • Red Spot Dottyback -
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    Red Spot Dottyback

    Red Spotted Pseudochromis Red Spotted Dottyback originates from the reefs of the Indian Ocean, and is a beautiful addition to any saltwater aquariu...

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  • Whitetail Dottyback
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    Whitetail Dottyback

    Whitetail Dottyback Whitetail Dottyback are good additions to nano tanks and larger tanks which do not have large aggressive tank mates. Dottybacks...

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