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  • Neon Tetra
    from $2.49

    Neon Tetra

    Neon Tetra The third most popular aquarium fish in the USA market, the Neon Tetra is affordable, sturdy, and so friendly the fish will school with...

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  • Neocaridina Multidentata

    Red Cherry Shrimp

    Red Cherry Shrimp Cherry shrimp are simply a lower grade version of the red sakura shrimp - or "super red shrimp". In general they are light red an...

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  • Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia
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    Original price 7.99
    Current price $6.39

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia are native the the Americas and grow the the surface of ponds and have small yellow and white flowers. In the...

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  • Electric Yellow Cichlid
    from $9.49

    Electric Yellow Cichlid

    Electric Yellow Cichlid The electric yellow cichlid is also called the electric yellow lab. These labs may not make the greatest hunting dogs, but ...

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  • Apteronotus albifrons

    Black Ghost Knifefish

    Black Ghost Knifefish Aquarium Fish Sale offers the only knife fish that is tank raised for the trade. Fortunately the black ghost knife is also th...

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  • Assorted Angelfish 1.5" (Lot of 4)

    Assorted Angelfish 1.5" (Lot of 4)

    Assorted Small Angelfish Angelfish are a very popular species found in rivers all throughout South America, including the Amazon. They are unique...

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  • Ocellaris Clownfish
    from $30.99

    Ocellaris Clownfish

    Ocellaris Clownfish The Ocellaris Clownfish is the aquarium industry's most popular saltwater aquarium fish. Its beautiful orange body dressed with...

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  • Freshwater Gold Clam
    Sold out

    Freshwater Gold Clam

    Freshwater Gold Clam The freshwater clams offered by are not an invasive species and will not survive cold water. These clams...

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  • Flame Angelfish
    from $122.99

    Flame Angelfish

    Flame Angelfish The most gorgeous dwarf angelfish for a saltwater aquarium. With its beautifully composed color combination, Flame Angelfish draws...

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  • Powder Blue Tang
    from $164.99

    Powder Blue Tang

    Powder Blue Tang (Semi-aggressive) Powder Blue Tangs are popular due to their color and activity, but these fish require very good marine condition...

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  • Zoanthid Frag
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    Original price 108.99
    Current price $76.29

    Zoanthid Frag

    Zoanthids  They are formed as individual polyps, or are attached by a fleshy stolon or from small pieces of sediment, sand and rock.Colony Polyps h...

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  • Barred Tiger Blenny

    Barred Tiger Blenny

    Tiger Blenny  Barred Tiger Blenny are small marine blennioid fish of the genus Ecsenius, or combtooth blenny found about Australia. They are small ...

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  • Blue Hornet Zoanthids
    Sold out

    Blue Hornet Zoanthids

    Blue Hornet Zoanthids The Blue Hornet Zoanthid is a rare deep water color morph that is extremely sought after. It has a light blue center, then is...

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  • Fancy Bubble Anemone

    Fancy Bubble Anemone Rose

    Fancy Bubble Anemone In order to keep the color on your anemone vibrant, it will need to be exposed to a lot of lighting. For this use intense fluo...

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  • Green Favia Brain
    from $154.49

    Green Favia Brain

    Green Favia Brain Green Favia Brain is easy to keep and grows well in most reef aquariums. They are a great choice for adding a splash of color to ...

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  • African Yellow Belly Blue Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus

    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang

    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang The African Blue Tang, also called Dory, has bright yellow, blue, and white colors and these fish are active in the ...

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  • Wellsi Red Blastomussa Coral
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    from $288.99

    Wellsi Red Blastomussa Coral

    Wellsi Red Blastomussa Coral Blastomussa is a LPS ,have much lager visible mouths so corals like this are lot easiest to see, very peaceful coral a...

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  • Rasta Leather Aussie Coral -
    from $154.49

    Rasta Leather Aussie Coral

    Rasta Leather Coral This coral also known as Sinularia Leather Coral and Flexible Leather Coral. Rasta are known as soft finger, thin finger coral,...

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  • Chocolate Ghost Knifefish
    Sold out

    Chocolate Ghost Knifefish

    Chocolate Ghost Knifefish The wild chocolate ghost knife comes from Colombia and grows to 24 inches. Very similar to the black ghost knife, these f...

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  • Molly Miller Blenny
    Sold out

    Molly Miller Blenny

    Molly Miller Blenny For those that love ugly faces we have present the Moly Miller Blenny. The blenny was discovered or at least named by the great...

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  • Bicolor Foxface -

    Bicolor Foxface

    Fiji Bicolor Foxface  The bicolor foxface is a member of the rabbitfish family - even though foxes eat rabbits. Adding to the irony, foxface fish a...

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  • Mermaid
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    Mermaid The marsch mermaid is a small bushy plant that grows to about ten inches and features green and pinkish fern like leaves. If kept in a tank...

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