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New Coral & Anemone Arrivals

  • Umbrella Coral

    Umbrella Coral

    Umbrella Coral Also called Umbrella Leather Coral and will grow to one foot in little time. The Umbrella Coral are the same as Toadstool Coral.

  • Trumpet Coral

    Trumpet Coral

    The Trumpet Coral Caulastrea echinulat, is often referred to also as Torch, Candy, or Bullseye Coral. The skeleton of this species is branched out ...

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  • Torch Coral  GREEN
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    Torch Coral GREEN

    The Torch Coral, Euphyllia glabrescens, is often referred to as Trumpet Coral or Pom-Pom Coral. It has long and flowing polyps with single rounded ...

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  • Toadstool Coral (Medium)

    Toadstool Coral (Medium)

    Toadstool Coral are hardy and easy to keep in a reef tank so they make an excellent choice for beginners and experts. These coral may not be the mo...

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  • Red Scolymia Coral

    Red Scolymia Coral

    Red Scolymia  Button Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral and also referred to as the Doughnut, Artichoke, or Disk Coral. It is a round, solita...

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  • Rainbow Coral Polyp
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    Rainbow Coral Polyp

    Obviously this zoanthid coral has very nice coloration, and the Rainbow coral, sold as a large single polyp, is hardy and peaceful.

  • Rasta Leather Aussi Coral
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    Rasta Leather Aussi Coral

    Rasta Leather Coral  Sinularia sp., is a leather coral also known as Sinularia Leather Coral and Flexible Leather Coral.Rasta are known as soft fin...

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    Pearl Coral (Medium)

    Pearl Coral are similar to bubble coral and are also called small bubble coral or grape coral.

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    Marble Mushroom Coral (Medium)

    Marble Mushroom Coral usually comes in a tannish, obviously marbled, color pattern and about 3 inches in size.

  • Hairy Mushroom Coral -

    Hairy Mushroom Coral

    The Hairy Mushroom, Rhodactis, is a member of the order Corallimorpharia and occurs in many colors including brown and tan, and the more colorful g...

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  • Ricordea Mushroom Coral

    Ricordea Mushroom Coral

    Ricordea Mushroom color Ricordea Mushroom Coral, also called Flower Mushroom, has an obvious flower shape and is a good addition to the mid-level z...

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  • Lavender Mushroom Coral
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    Lavender Mushroom Coral

    Lavender Mushroom  The Lavender Mushroom is a member of the Rhodactis genus, formerly called Discosoma. It generally grows larger and has shorter t...

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  • Green Mushroom Coral
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    Green Mushroom Coral

    Green Mushroom Coral These corals are hardy and grow quickly. Since these corals are semi-aggressive, they will need space from other corals and i...

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  • Green Ricordea Mushroom

    Green Ricordea Mushroom

    Green Ricordea Frag Ricordea florida are one of the most recognizable species to come out of the Caribbean. These Ricordea are mostly solid blue/te...

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  • Lordhowensis Coral Grade A

    Lordhowensis Coral Grade A

    Lordhowensis Coral is one of the finest but difficult to keep corals of the aquarium. These corals require good water conditions and nutrients like...

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  • Hammer Coral Branch

    Hammer Coral Branch

    Hammer Branching is large polyp stony(LPS) coral and often referred to as Euphyllia Hammer Coral or Anchor coral. The polyp are visible throughout ...

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  • Purple Tip Hammer Coral

    Purple Tip Hammer Coral

    The Green Hammer Coral are also called Green Anchor Coral; both names derive from the angular shape of the polyps. The tentacles can reach six inch...

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  • Orange Bam Bam Zoanthid
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    Orange Bam Bam Zoanthid

    Orange Bam Bam Zoanthid This zoanthid are easy to keep and are a great choice for the beginner. Zoanthids and Palythoa will grow and reproduce by b...

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  • Purple Ring Fungia Plate
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    Purple Ring Fungia Plate

    Purple Ring Funiga Like all Fungia Coral, tolerate small changes in the aquarium well so these are good corals for beginners and experts. They have...

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  • Orange Fungia Coral

    Orange Fungia Coral

    Orange Fungia Coral  Orange Short Tentacle Plate Coral is a relatively hard to find coral that originates from the Indo Pacific. These corals are f...

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  • Heliofungia  Coral
    from $202.49

    Heliofungia Coral

    Heliofungia   Long Tentacle Plate Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as a Heliofungia Plate. It is a solitary, aggressive c...

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  • Frogspawn Coral

    Frogspawn Coral

    Frogspawn Coral Euphyllia divisa, a LPS coral named for the polyps that look somewhat like a group of frog eggs, is determined more so by the shape...

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  • Purple Tip Frogspawn Coral (Medium)
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    Purple Tip Frogspawn Coral (Medium)

    The polyps look somewhat like a group of frog eggs, hence the name Green Frogspawn Coral. Frogspawn coral need consistent water conditions and no n...

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  • Red Flower Pot Coral

    Red Flower Pot Coral

    Red Flower Pot Coral is rounded or ball-shaped, and is not overly aggressive, but space should still be provided between itself and other neighbori...

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