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New Coral & Anemone Arrivals

  • Purple Tip Frogspawn Coral

    Purple Tip Frogspawn Coral

    The polyps look somewhat like a group of frog eggs, hence the name Green Frogspawn Coral. Frogspawn coral need consistent water conditions and no n...

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  • Red Flower Pot Coral -

    Red Flower Pot Coral

    Red Flower Pot Coral This coral is rounded or ball-shaped, and is not overly aggressive, but space should still be provided between itself and oth...

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  • Elegance Coral
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    Elegance Coral

    Elegance Coral Green Tip These coral have large tentacles which will sting neighboring coral so keep space and allow them room to grow. Scientifi...

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  • Duncan Coral

    Duncan Coral

    Duncan Coral Does well at the mid-level zone of the aquarium and have very long tentacles and may harm neighboring anemone and coral. Scientific...

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  • Daisy Poly Coral

    Daisy Poly Coral

    Daisy Poly Coral Daisy's, Goniopora, also known as The Flower Pot Coral,  look much like a ball or cluster of potted flowers. They are aggressive a...

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  • Devil's Hand Coral
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    Devil's Hand Coral

    Devil's Hand Coral Also referred to as Finger Leather Coral, Cabbage Leather Coral, or Lobed Leather Coral for their stony fingers. Handle with car...

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  • Red and Green Candy Cane Coral
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    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral

    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral The Candy Cane Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as the Trumpet, Torch, Candy, or Bullseye...

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  • Red Brain Coral -

    Red Brain Coral

    Red Brain Coral Also called Crater Coral, Red Brain Coral are tolerant of changing water conditions and do best at the bottom of the aquarium. Brai...

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  • Wellsophyllia Green Brain
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    Wellsophyllia Green Brain

    Green Brain Coral WELLSOPHYLLIA  AKA Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, also known as Crater Coral or Round Brian Coral, are more often found on sandy reef s...

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  • Blassto Wellsi Frag

    Blassto Wellsi Frag

    Blassto Wellsi Frag The Blasto Wellsi Coral is also referred to as a Pineapple Coral. It is often confused with other brain corals and some mushroo...

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  • Acropora Coral
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    Acropora Coral

    Acropora Coral Are the most prevalent and beautiful corals in the oceans. This is a SPS, or small polyp stony coral, common in the sea but difficul...

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  • Zoanthid Frag
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    Zoanthid Frag

    Zoanthids  They are formed as individual polyps, or are attached by a fleshy stolon or from small pieces of sediment, sand and rock.Colony Polyps h...

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