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New Freshwater Arrivals

AquariumFishSale has new selections each week, some never seen in the hobby before, some returning old favorites. There is always something new in the warehouse.
  • Dorado Catfish
    from $89.99

    Dorado Catfish

    Dorado Catfish The Dorado Catfish, or the Golitath Gilded Cat, is one of the largest known catfish in the World. This catfish also holds the record...

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  • L-56 Chubby Pleco
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    Original price 44.99
    Current price $38.24

    L-56 Chubby Pleco

    L-56 Chubby Pleco Chubby plecos come from rocky streams in Brazil and earn their name. Even their scales are fat and wide. The chubby pleco may cha...

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  • Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid

    Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid

    Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid The Thomasi cichlid, or African butterfly cichlid, is one of the smallest cichlids found in Africa. Thomasi cichlids have a t...

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  • Bulu Point Tropheus -

    Bulu Point Tropheus

    Bulu Point Tropheus The bulu point tropheus moorii, or cherry spot tropheus, displays large cherry red blotches on a black body.  Compatible with o...

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  • Arulius Barb

    Arulius Barb

    Arulius Barb The arulius barb is caught in the Kaveri River in Southeast India and makes it into the aquarium trade from time to time. These active...

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  • Teugelsi Bichir
    Sold out

    Teugelsi Bichir

    Teugelsi Bichir The Teugelsi Bichir, like other African bichir, have a lung and gill so they can survive for short periods out of the water. The Te...

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  • Elephant Nose Knifefish
    Sold out

    Elephant Nose Knifefish

    Elephant Nose  Knifefish Rarer than the Ossa Knifefish, the  Elephant Nose Knifefish is wild caught in a small area of the Peruvian Amazon basin. E...

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  • Metallic Blue Guppy

    Metallic Blue Guppy (Pair)

    Metallic Blue Guppy (Pair) Metallic patterns are prized for the deep reflective solid colors on the tailfin of the males. AquariumFishSale imports ...

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  • Guentheri Killifish -

    Guentheri Killifish (Pair)

    Guentheri Killifish (Pair) Nothobranchous guentheri is an exotic killifish from Zanzibar. In the wild these fish  control mosquito populations in s...

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  • Platinum Sailfin Molly -

    Platinum Sailfin Molly (Pair)

    Platinum Sailfin Molly (Pair) Platinum sailfin mollies, also called the silver sailfin molly, brighten up the aquarium with solid white reflective ...

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  • Acei Cichlid -
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    from $29.49

    Acei Cichlid

    Pseudotropheus Acei The Acei cichlid, or yellow tail violet cichlid, is  valued for its unique color pattern. The Acei cichlid has bright yellow fi...

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  • Mylochromis ericotaenia -
    from $25.49

    Mylochromis ericotaenia

    Mylochromis ericotaenia "Itungi" Lake Malawi has some remarkable cichlids and one of the most colorful is the Mylochromis. These African cichlids h...

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  • Chameleon Whiptail Catfish
    Sold out

    Chameleon Whiptail Catfish

    Chameleon Catfish One of the oddest and rare members of the farlowella catfish family is the Chameleon Whiptail Catfish. The chameleon whiptail has...

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  • Cory Kanei -
    Sold out

    Cory Kanei

    Cory Kanei Cory kanei has markings on the head similar to the bandit cory but the kanei cory has leopard spots similar to cory julii. Wild caught f...

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  • Reticulated Cory -
    Sold out

    Reticulated Cory

    Reticulated Cory Cory reticulatus, or the reticulated cory, has a definite network pattern throughout the body. Wild caught in the Brazil Amazon tr...

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  • Black Lyre Molly

    Black Lyre Molly

    Black Lyre Molly The black lyre molly has a lyre, or veil, tail with a longer dorsal fin. Like the popular common black molly, these fish are hardy...

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  • Blue Speckled Ricefish

    Blue Speckled Ricefish

    Blue Speckled Ricefish The blue speckeled rice fish is brd in Japan to display sublte blue spots and blue highlites on the fins. Common rice fish a...

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  • Mini Rabbit Snail -

    Mini Rabbit Snail

    Mini Rabbit Snail The mini rabbit snail from Indonesia features the same little bunny like antennae as the larger golden rabbit snail but only grow...

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  • Red Tiger Shrimp Grade S
    Sold out

    Red Tiger Shrimp Grade S

    Red Tiger Shrimp The red tiger shrimp is a grade higher than crystal red shrimp and red tiger bee shrimp. Highly prized for the bright red color on...

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  • Checkered Barb -
    Sold out

    Checkered Barb

    Checkered Barb The checkered barb, or checkerboard barb, gets its name from the checkerboard pattern on the body. These hardy barbs are great for b...

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  • Black Dragonscale Plakat Fighter Betta

    Black Dragonscale Plakat Fighter Betta

    Black Dragonscale Plakat Fighter Betta  Plakat is short for Plakat Thung - which means "fighter fish" in Thai, and were once a specific wild breed ...

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  • Assorted Color Female Guppies -

    Assorted Color Female Guppies (Lot of 6)

    Assorted Female Guppies features a very colorful assortment of Sri Lanka bred female guppies. Sri Lanka guppies are known for ...

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  • German Black Ram -

    German Black Ram

    German Black Ram The German Black Ram, or Black Knight Ram, are the newest variation of the peaceful and colorful ram family for the aquarium hobby...

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  • Tropheus Red Phoenix

    Tropheus Red Phoenix

    Red Phoenix Tropheus Moorii  The Red Phoenix tropheus moorii, or Red Bishop Moorii, begins to show color at one inch and is a solid bright red moor...

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