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New Plant Arrivals

  • Willow Moss

    Willow Moss

    Willow Moss Willow moss is just a bit more, well, willowy than java moss, and both make beautiful live ground cover. Mosses are a welcome home to s...

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  • Venus Flytrap

    Venus Flytrap

    Venus Flytrap The carniverous venus flytrap, or fly trap, has leaves that attract then spring close around insects. Once the insect gets trapped, t...

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  • Pitcher Plant
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    Pitcher Plant

    Carniverous Pitcher Plant The carniverous pitcher plant eats bugs. The pitcher plant has modified leaves that create a pitfall. When an insect is a...

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  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Potted
    from $6.89

    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Potted

    Wendtii Green Our potted versions are all ready to place within the substrate already rooted in fish safe and clean rockwool and a 2 inch plastic p...

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  • Salvinia
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    Floating Salvinia -  Portion Salvinia is a pretty small floating leaf plant. These plants under the right conditions will propogate on top of the f...

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  • Tiger Lotus Plant -

    Tiger Lotus Plant

    Tiger Lotus Plant  The safest way to buy a bulb is to go right to the plant, because they do not always sprout even from the best aquatic nursery. ...

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  • Purple Waffle

    Purple Waffle

    Purple Waffle The purple waffle is named for the waffling purple leaves. These aquatic plants will be fine four a couple months fully submerged, bu...

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  • Dwarf Sagittaria

    Dwarf Sagittaria

    Dwarf Sagittaria The dwarf sagittaria plant does not take special care but needs moderate lighting and a substrate that will allow purchase for its...

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  • Rotala macranda

    Rotala macranda

    Rotala macranda There are several varieties of rotala macandra, the most suitable aquarium plant is the yellow variety sold here (and pictured).  M...

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  • Pennywort
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    Pennywort Brazilian pennywort is a pretty round leaf stem plant from the Amazon tropics. Scientific Name: HYDROCOTYLE LEUCOCEPHALA Shipping Size...

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  • Bamboo


    Live Bamboo The bamboo plant with its long classic stem and curly leaf is a classic accessory to goldfish and betta bowls and small nano tanks. The...

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  • Barteri Anubias
    from $7.99

    Barteri Anubias

    Barteri Anubias This anubias plant is native to West Africa, grows well partially and fully submersed and is tolerant of low light. Barteri anubias...

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  • Madagascar Driftwood

    Madagascar Driftwood

    Driftwood Madagascar Driftwood in the aquarium provides a haven for fish and invertebrates, food for certain species such as plecos, and offers nat...

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  • Nana Anubias
    from $7.49

    Nana Anubias

    Nana Anubias This anubias plant is native to West Africa, grows well partially and fully submersed and is tolerant of low light. Nana anubias are v...

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  • Italian Vallisneria

    Italian Vallisneria

    Italian Val  Italian val, also called straight vallisneria, is a hardy val and slightly smaller than the larger jungle val and has long green narro...

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  • Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 3)

    Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 3)

    Add some potted plants right in the same box with your fish order! Each potted plant is tagged and ready for planting in the freshwater aquarium. E...

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  • Hash
    from $5.49


    Weco Wonder Plants - Dream Series  Hash now legal for all freshwater tropical fish

  • Orange Pom Pom
    from $5.49

    Orange Pom Pom

    Weco Wonder Plants - Dream Series  Orange Pom Pom - part of the WECO dream series, these fantasy plants bring amazing color to the fish tank.

  • Fuschia Fern
    from $5.49

    Fuschia Fern

    Weco Wonder Plants - Dream Series - Fuschia Fern Fuschia Fern - maybe not found in nature but what a pretty plant for the aquarium and these plants...

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  • Pink Princess Feather
    from $5.49

    Pink Princess Feather

    Weco Wonder Plants - Dream Series  Pink Princess Feather - lovely fantasy colors from the WECO dream series makes aquariums come alive, particularl...

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  • Magenta Tulips
    from $5.49

    Magenta Tulips

    Weco Wonder Plants - Dream Series  Magenta Tulips Magenta tulips are popular decorative plants that may not actually live in nature but sure make t...

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  • Red Ludwigia
    from $5.49

    Red Ludwigia

    Weco Wonder Plants - Freshwater Pro Series  Red Ludwigia - realistic and will not fade or fall apart and designed with fish comfort in mind.

  • Amazon Ruffled Sword
    from $5.49

    Amazon Ruffled Sword

    Amazon Ruffled Sword (Realistic plastic) Weco Wonder Plants - Freshwater Pro Series - Amazon Sword Amazon sword have long broad leaves and offer a...

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  • Tonina
    from $5.49


    Weco Wonder Plants - Freshwater Pro Series  Tonina - natural stemmed plant with lots of space to protect small fish and pretty flowing feature.