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New Saltwater Arrivals

  • Oreni Tilefish Goby
    Sold out

    Oreni Tilefish Goby

     Oreni Tilefish     Non Refundable   Very few people own Oreni Tilefish Hoplolatilus oreni, referred to by some as the Holy Grail. Most Tilefis...

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  • Banggai Cardinalfish (Group of 3)

    Banggai Cardinalfish (Group of 3)

    Banggai Cardinalfish   Cardinalfish do better in the aquarium in small groups. Like the pajama cardinalfish, banggai cardinals will eat most prepar...

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  • Pajama Cardinal

    Pajama Cardinalfish (Party of 3)

    Pajama Cardinalfish (Party of 3) Why by one when you can buy a whole pajama party. The name “cardinal” refers to the fact that many of this species...

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  • Mexican Turbo Snail (lot of 5)

    Mexican Turbo Snail (lot of 5)

    Mexican Turbo Snail (lot of 5) Turbo fluctuosus, native to the waters off the coast of Mexico, is an excellent algae-eater and beneficial tank memb...

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  • Bumblebee Snail Salt Water (Lot of 5)

    Bumblebee Snail Salt Water (Lot of 5)

     Bumblebee Snail Salt Water (Lot of 5) Snail is a distinctly small snail with yellowish bands on a dark brown background. It prefers an aquarium wi...

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  • Cerith Snail (lot of 5)

    Cerith Snail (lot of 5)

    Cerith Snail (lot of 5) The Cerith Snail is a small saltwater invert with green, black and white colorations. Its scavenging, algae eating and clea...

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  • Black Margarita Snail (lot of 5)

    Black Margarita Snail (lot of 5)

    Black Margarita Snail They are a great addition to beginner tanks and assist in tank maintenance.  Each order comes with 5 hard working snails. S...

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  • Golden Puffer

    Golden Puffer

    Golden Puffer  Golden puffers have a great personality The family of Puffers is a distinct family marked by their ability to ingest water into the ...

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  • Longnose Hawkfish

    Longnose Hawkfish

    Longnose Hawkfish The longnose hawkfish is a red fish with a white checked body, small and packed with personality - like most hawkfish.  Longnose ...

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  • Spotted Hawkfish

    Spotted Hawkfish

    Spotted Hawkfish The dwarf spotted hawkfish, or red spotted hawkfish, is similar to the falco hawkfish but with a clearer spotted pattern. Spotted ...

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  • Yacha Jacha Goby
    Sold out

    Yacha Jacha Goby

    Yasha goby fish is a distinctive variety of goby fish known for its fantastic behavior and appearance. It is not very common in the aquarium hobby ...

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  • Tricolor Anthias
    from $38.49

    Tricolor Anthias

    Tricolor Anthias Tricolor Anthias is also well known as Red Fairy Anthias or Red Fairy Basset, and these open water swimmers do well in an aquarium...

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  • Scooter Blenny

    Scooter Blenny

    Scooter Blenny The common scooter blenny is a camouflage color but easy to spot as this little creature hops along the rocks and sand of the aquari...

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  • TearDrop Butterflyfish

    TearDrop Butterflyfish

    TEARDROP BUTTERFLY TearDrop Butterflyfish, or Tear Drop Butterfly, are tough on corals and invertabrates, but peaceful with fish of similar size. N...

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  • Zebra Angelfish
    Sold out

    Zebra Angelfish

    Zebra Angelfish The saltwater zebra angelfish, named for the zebra pattern on the body, are caught off the coast of Kenya. All our fish are wither ...

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  • Pink Margarita Snail  (lot of 5)

    Pink Margarita Snail (lot of 5)

    Pink Margarita Snail  Each order comes with 5 snails. Scientific Name: Clibanarius diguetti Origin: Eastern Pacific Max Size: 1 inch

  • Gold Head Sleeper  Goby
    from $42.99

    Gold Head Sleeper Goby

    Gold Head Sleeper Goby  Its common name include the blueband goby, golden head sleeper it is found in the outer lagoons and seaward side.Gobies ten...

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  • from $76.99

    Yellow Boxfish

    Yellow Boxfish Scientific Name: Ostracion cubicus Origin: Hawaii Max Size: 10 inches Diet: Omnivore Required Tank Size: 180+ gallons Shipping Siz...

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  • Bamboo Shark Egg
    Sold out

    Bamboo Shark Egg

    Bamboo Shark Egg Bamboo sharks eat other invertebrates and small fish that also live in the warm, shallow waters they enjoy. They only grow to abou...

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  • V Tail Grouper

    V Tail Grouper

    Caphalopholis Urodeta also known as the flagtail rocked is a species of the marine ray finned fish. This fish occurs in the western Pacific Ocean a...

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  • Green Mandarin Goby - Female
    from $25.49

    Green Mandarin Goby - Female

    Green Mandarin Goby The Green Mandarin Goby is one of the most colorful creatures on the planer. Most beginner saltwater aquarium owners will buy o...

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  • Bicolor Foxface -

    Bicolor Foxface

    Fiji Bicolor Foxface  The bicolor foxface is a member of the rabbitfish family - even though foxes eat rabbits. Adding to the irony, foxface fish a...

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  • Wyoming White Clownfish
    Sold out
    from $123.99

    Wyoming White Clownfish

    Wyoming White Clownfish The Wyoming White Clownfish is a varietal bred from the designer Gladiator Clownfish. Wyoming White Clownfish are reminisce...

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  • Percula Clownfish
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    from $27.49

    Percula Clownfish

    Percula Clownfish The Percula Clownfish are nearly exact to the True Percula but have wider black lines around the orange color. Both share the sam...

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