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New Saltwater Arrivals

  • Rhomboid Wrasse - Female
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    Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse

    Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse Also commonly referred as the Rhomboid Wrasse, Golden- tail Fairy Wrasse, Diamond-tail Fairy Wrasse. The Rhomboid Gold...

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  • Passer Angelfish -

    Passer Angelfish

    Passer Angelfish Also called the King Angelfish. The adult is predominately dark blue with a white vertical stripe extending down from the dorsal ...

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  • Three Stripe Damsel

    Three Stripe Damsel

    Three Stripe Damsel An attractive black and white striped fish with a white nose and white tail. Unlike many fancy damselfish youths that become un...

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  • Polleni Grouper
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    Polleni Grouper

    Pollenei Grouper Also known as the Harlequin Rock Cod or Harlequin Hind, is beautifully colored with a green and yellow body with yellow tipped dor...

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  • African Red Starfish - Protoreaster linckii

    African Red Starfish

    African Red StarfishAfrican Starfish, Protoreaster linckii, also goes by the names of the Red Spine Star, Red Knob Sea Star, and Red General Starfi...

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  • Dragon Eel

    Japanese Dragon Eel

    Japanese Dragon Eel Also known as the Dragon Moray Eel, Hawaiian Dragon Moray Eel, and the Dragonface Moray Eel, is a menacing moray eel species fo...

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  • Stars and Stripes Puffer

    Stars and Stripes Puffer

    Stars and Stripes Puffer is referred to as the Whitespotted Pufferfish, or Hispid Pufferfish. It is named appropriately because of its unusual mark...

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  • Bella Goby

    Bella Goby

    Bella Goby This sand sifting fish is similar to the Golden Head Sleeper Goby in size and shape. These fish are know to be jumpers, so a tank canopy...

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  • Orange Spotted Rabbitfish
    from $84.99

    Orange Spotted Rabbitfish

    Orange Spotted Rabbitfish The Orange Spot Rabbitfish, also called the Orange Blotch Rabbitfish (not as sexy) is an unusually colored fish with  sil...

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  • Stella Puffer
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    Stella Puffer

    STELLA Puffer Aka Starry,steallate Arothron stellatus is a medium-sized fish which grows up to 120 cm (47 in) in length. Its body is oval shaped, s...

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  • Hard Tube Coco Worm

    Hard Tube Coco Worm

    Hard Tube Coco Worm The  Hard Tube Coco Worm, also known as the Hard Tube Feather Duster, Protula Tubeworm, or Red Coco Tubeworm, has a crown that ...

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  • Marble Shark
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    Marble Shark

    Marble Shark Also known as the Coral cat shark. The eyes are set in front of  large spiracles, which are used to move water into the gill chambers ...

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  • Rock Beauty Angelfish

    Rock Beauty Angelfish

    Rock Beauty Angelfish The Rock Beauty Angelfish has a body that is predominately black especially on the back half, as an adult. The head and front...

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  • Red Banded Trochus Snail

    Red Banded Trochus Snail

    Red Banded Trochus Snail These algae eating snails are conical shaped and about 1 inch in size. Generally red and white shells. Scientific name: ...

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  • Big Eye Catalufa
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    from $219.99

    Big Eye Catalufa

    Big Eye Catalufa   The Popeye Catalufa Soldierfish, also known as the Bigeye Soldierfish, and is a burnt orange to red color with several white hig...

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  • Grey Smooth Hound Shark

    Grey Smooth Hound Shark

    Grey Smooth Hound Shark Mustelus also known as the smooth-hounds is a genus of sharks in the family Triakidae. The name of the genus comes from the...

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  • Helfrichi Firefish Goby

    Helfrichi Firefish Goby

    Firefish Goby Helfrichi Firefish is also commonly known as Helfrich's Dartfish, or Mano'o-sugale. Since at times, the Hawaii Helfrichi Firefish be...

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  • Orange Toadfish

    Orange Toadfish

    Orange Toadfish The Orange Toadfish, which also has the silly name Oyster Cracker, is one of the more unique and interesting fish available in the ...

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  • Naked Dominos Clownfish
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    Naked Dominos Clownfish

    Platinum Clownfish Captive bred for the Percula Clownfish, the almost solid Black  with one white spot Clownfish is bred for the saltwater aquariu...

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  • Assassi Triggerfish

    Assassi Triggerfish

    Assasi Triggerfish Also known as the Picasso Triggerfish, has a wacky, painted appearance. It has a tan body with gradient dark bands running throu...

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    Gem Tang  Gem Tang often fetches very high prices when found on the US aquarium hobby market, so it is quite a unique occasion to have the opportun...

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  • Orange Chestnut Snail
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    Orange Chestnut Snail

     Chestnut Turbo Snail is an elegant, yet functional, addition to any reef aquarium. Like other snails, Turbo castanae is a powerhouse when it comes...

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  • Splendid Garden Eel
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    Splendid Garden Eel

    Orange-barred Garden Eel  The Splendid Garden Eel from Fiji is also called the Orange-barred Garden Eel. Like all garden eels, the Splendid Eel is ...

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