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New Saltwater Arrivals

  • Lunare Wrasse

    Lunare Wrasse

    Lunare Wrasse The Lunare Wrasse, also called the Lyretail Wrasse,  are often blue and green with lavender markings on the face and fins. The tail h...

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  • Green Chromis Damselfish
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    Green Chromis Damselfish

    Green Chromis Damselfish The Green Chromis Damselfish, or simply the Green Chromis, are a wonderful schooling fish and in the wild are found in lar...

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  • Four Stripe Damselfish

    Four Stripe Damselfish

    Four Stripe Damselfish The Four Stripe Damselfish as an attractive black and white striped fish with a white nose and white tail. Unlike many fancy...

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  • Tomato Clownfish
    from $27.49

    Tomato Clownfish

    Tomato Clownfish The Tomato Clownfish will eat most meat or vegetable food preparations, including dried algae, mysis shrimp, and brine shrimp. The...

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  • Pajama Cardinal
    from $29.99

    Pajama Cardinalfish

    Pajama Cardinalfish Also known as the Polka-dot Cardinalfish, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Coral Cardinalfish, Pajama Cardinal, and the Red Spotte...

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  • Starry Blenny
    from $32.99

    Starry Blenny

    Starry Blenny Starry Blenny, or Snowflake Blenny, features dark brown base color with multiple white to light blue dots over its entire body, which...

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  • Bundoon Blenny

    Bundoon Blenny

    Bundoon Blenny Found in Tonga in the South Pacific and has a caudal fin that resembles a fork. The body is black with a yellow stripe running horiz...

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  • Bicolor Blenny

    Bicolor Blenny

     Bicolor Blenny  Bicolor Blenny is also known as the Two-colored Blenny. The Bicolor is so-named because the anterior half is blue to dull brown, a...

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  • Squareback  Anthias (Male)
    from $76.99

    Squareback Anthias (Male)

    Squareback Anthias  Its unique color variation, the Squareback Anthias is also known as the Squarespot, Purple Blotch Basslet, Squareblock, Square...

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  • Purple Queen Anthias
    from $76.99

    Purple Queen Anthias

    Purple Queen Anthias A finicky eater and needs treats such as live brine shrimp to thrive, along with plenty of swimming space even though it only ...

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  • Regal Angelfish
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    from $274.99

    Regal Angelfish

    Regal Angelfish Given the right environment, specifically with smaller and docile tank mates like gobies and dwarf angels, it will start feeding w...

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  • Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile)
    from $84.14

    Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile)

    Emperor Angelfish (semi-aggressive) Juvenile to adult transition may not fully occur in an aquarium. Not only does their coloration change with ma...

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  • Centropyge bicolor
    from $65.99

    Bicolor Angelfish

    Bicolor Angelfish The Bicolor Angelfish, or less commonly the Oriole Angelfish, is a dwarf angelfish which only grows to 5 inches and is reef safe...

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