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New Saltwater Arrivals

  • Arrow Crab

    Arrow Crab

    Arrow  Crab Arrow crabs are also called the Spider Crab due to the obvious similarities. The Arrow Crab inhabits reefs from Indonesia to Mexico and...

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  • Splendid Garden Eel
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    Splendid Garden Eel

    Splendid Garden Eel The Splendid Garden Eel from Fiji is also called the Orange-barred Garden Eel. Like all garden eels, the Splendid Eel is 100% r...

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  • Pencil Wrasse

    Pencil Wrasse

    Pencil Wrasse The  Pencil Wrasse is commonly referred to as the Smalltail Wrasse or Small Tail Wrasse. The Small Tail Pencil Wrasse has a stunning ...

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  • Tassel Filefish
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    Tassel Filefish

    Also known as the Leafy Filefish or Prickly Leatherjacket Filefish, is camouflaged by its light body with dark horizontal stripes. It is a peaceful...

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  • Blue Spot Sea Hare
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    Blue Spot Sea Hare

    Blue Spotted Sea Hare, Dolabella sp., also known as the Wedge Sea Hare, is one of the best algae-eaters in the home aquarium. The Blue Spotted Sea ...

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  • Red Leg Hermit Crab

    Red Leg Hermit Crab

    Red Leg Hermit Crab Also known as a Mexican hermit crab, these live off the western coast of Mexico, and are abundant in the Gulf of California. ...

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  • Black Seahorse
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    Black Seahorse

    Black Seahorse -Tank Raised The Black Seahorse, also called the Lined Seahorse, is considered by many hobbyists to be the most attractive of all th...

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  • Thunder Maroon Clownfish
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    Thunder Maroon Clownfish

    Thunder Maroon Clownfish The Thunder Maroon Clownfish is selectively bred from Lightning Maroon Clownfish that demonstrate prominent white marking....

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  • Blue Jaw Triggerfish (female)

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish (female)

    Blue Jaw Trigger Female The Blue Jaw Trigger, sometimes called the Blue Throat Trigger, grows to 10 inches and will be safe in reef tanks and gener...

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  • Borbonius Anthias

    Borbonius Anthias

    Borbonius Anthias Also known as the  Blotched Anthias Blotchy Anthias, Checked Swallowtail, Yellow Spotted Anthias or Japanese Spotted Anthias. Thi...

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  • Beau Gregory Damselfish
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    Beau Gregory Damselfish

    Beau Gregory Damselfish The Beau Gregory Damselfish, or simply the Gregory Damsel, is reef safe but territorial. This damsel needs some rock crevic...

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  • Skunk Tilefish Goby

    Skunk Tilefish Goby

    Skunk Tilefish Goby Tilefish resemble some gobies but are actually from a different family, Malacanthidae. Like most of their goby relatives, tilef...

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  • Golden Nugget Clownfish

    Golden Nugget Clownfish

    Golden Nugget Clownfish Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish is ORA's most distinct clown fish to date. Its unique appearance manifests itself similarly to...

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  • Scarlet Filament Wrasse

    Scarlet Filament Wrasse

    Scarlet Wrasse  Scarlet Wrasse aka Filamented Flasher Wrasse is a very peaceful, active fish that will bring both color and activity to a fish-only...

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  • Atlantic Blue Tang
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    Atlantic Blue Tang

    Atlantic Blue Tang Atlantic Blue Tang, Blue Tang Surgeonfish, and simply the Blue Tang, has an oval body with bold markings that change as the fish...

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  • Naoko's Fairy Wrasse

    Naoko's Fairy Wrasse

    Naoko's Fairy Wrasse (male) The Naoko's Wrasse is a reef-associated, tropical wrasse and it makes a fantastic aquarium fish. First described by Jac...

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  • Black Storm Clownfish

    Black Storm Clownfish

    Black Storm Clownfish This new species was released on 2014. Black storm clownfish are a new strain of fish, one of the designer clownfish found in...

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  • Orange Linckia Starfish
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    Orange Linckia Starfish

    Orange Linckia Starfish Will grow to a foot in size and have a remarkable deep blue color. Good scavengers but very susceptible to any change in wa...

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  • Sohal Tang
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    Sohal Tang

    Sohal Tang Sohal Tang is a hardy and generally reef safe fish that can be challenging due to its potential size and aggressive nature. The Sohal's ...

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  • Yellow Line Sweetlips

    Yellow Line Sweetlips

    Yellow Line Sweetlips Yellow Lined Sweetlips also known as the Striped Sweetlips, is a slender sweetlips fish that can grow up to 20 inches. The Ye...

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  • Burgess' Butterflyfish
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    Burgess' Butterflyfish

    Burgess' Butterflyfish  Burgess' Butterfly-fish is a true beauty in the industry. It originates from the deep waters of the reefs in the Western Pa...

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  • Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
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    Blue Star Leopard Wrasse

    Blue Star Leopard Wrasse Blue Star Leopard Wrasse, also known as the Vermiculite Wrasse, or Divided Wrasse, has a distinct color pattern. The fema...

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  • Crosshatch Triggerfish Male
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    Crosshatch Triggerfish Male

    Crosshatch Triggerfish (Aggressive) Crosshatch Triggerfish, also known as the Blue Cheekline Triggerfish, has a very interesting pattern to its col...

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  • White Cap Goby
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    White Cap Goby

    White Cap Goby White Cap Goby, Lotilia graciliosa, is an extremely rare variation of the goby fish. This fish is easily the centerpeice of any nano...

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