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  • Espei Rasbora

    Espei Rasbora (School of 6)

    Espei Rasbora (School of 6) The espei rasbora, also called the lamb chop rasbora, is a hardy cousin of the harlequin rasbora. These are a separate ...

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  • Sparkling Gourami
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    Sparkling Gourami (Pack of 6)

    Sparkling Gourami (Pack of 6) Sparkling gourami, also called dwarf sparkling gourami and pygmy sparkling gourami, adapt to almost all freshwater aq...

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  • Pair of Clown Killifish

    Clown Killifish (Pack of 6)

    Clown Killifish (Pack of 6) The clown killi, also called the rocket killifish, s a popular nano tank species. ships these as p...

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  • Painted Glass Fish

    Painted Glass Fish

    Painted Glass Fish Before the ubiquitous Glo Fish, there was the painted glass fish. These are actually safely dyed glass fish which eventually ove...

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  • Vampire Crab

    Vampire Crab (Consortium of 4)

    Vampire Crab (Consortium of 4) Vampire crabs are semi-aquatic and need a place to get out of the water in the aquarium. These crabs have brightly c...

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  • Red Cherry Shrimp

    Red Cherry Shrimp (Group of 4)

    Red Cherry Shrimp (Group of 4) Cherry shrimp are a variation of the red sakura shrimp - or "super red shrimp". In general they are a lighter "cherr...

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  • Orange Rili Shrimp

    Orange Rili Shrimp (Group of 4)

    Orange Rili Shrimp (Group of 4) ed rili shrimp, these exotic shrimp have a clear middle body. The coloration however is very difficult to breed and...

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  • Albino Lemon Tetra

    Albino Lemon Tetra (School of 6)

    Albino Lemon Tetra (School of 6) The Albino Lemon Tetra is a species which originates from South America and then bred to provide this beautiful a...

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  • Rainbow Platy

    Rainbow Platy (Group of 4)

    Rainbow Platy (Group of 4) Breeders work with several variations to bring out a platy that has all the colors of the rainbow - blues, reds, yellows...

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  • Blue Velvet Shrimp

    Blue Velvet Shrimp (Lot of 4)

    Blue Velvet Shrimp (Lot of 4) The blue velvet shrimp, or super blue shrimp,  are a solid aqua blue and bred in Taiwan to create this amazing color....

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  • Caridina Cantonensis

    Crystal Red Shrimp - Grade S (Lot of 5)

    Crystal Red Shrimp (Lot of 5) In shrimp language grade S is better than grade B or even Grade A - more distinct color pattern and will develop to a...

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  • King Kong Shrimp RED Grade S
    Sold out

    King Kong Shrimp RED Grade S

    Red King Kong Shrimp The red king kong shrimp is a bright red version of the black king kong shrimp and just as difficult to breed. S quality is an...

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  • Black Bar Endler

    Black Bar Endler

    Black Bar Endler  The Black Bar Endler has a bold vertical black bar on the body which makes the reds and greens more vivid. These are remarkable e...

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  • Otocinclus Algae Eater

    Otocinclus Algae Eater (Group of 6)

    Otocinclus Algae Eater (Group of 6) Otocinclus, or oto, are small, hardy, peaceful, and very active in the aquarium. These fish are great scavenger...

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  • Pointy Head Fusco Cichlid
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    Pointy Head Fusco Cichlid

    Fuscotaeniatus cichlid As fun as this colorful cichlid is to watch, the name is more fun to say - nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus. The fusco hap, or fu...

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  • Sold out

    White Lips Mdoka Cichlid

    White Lips Mdoka Cichlid Well we had the blue lips Williamsi and now we also have the white lips mdoka from Lake Malawi. The white lips mdoka likes...

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  • Oreni Tilefish Goby

    Oreni Tilefish Goby

     Oreni Tilefish     Non Refundable   Very few people own Oreni Tilefish Hoplolatilus oreni, referred to by some as the Holy Grail. Most Tilefis...

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  • Blue Heckel Discus WILD
    Sold out

    Blue Heckel Discus WILD

    Blue Heckel Discus The blue heckel discus is a true wild sub species of the blue discus found in the Brazilian Amazon basin. Blue Heckels were disc...

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  • L-155 Pleco Adonis
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    from $49.99

    L-155 Pleco Adonis

    Pleco Adonis L-155 Plecostomus catfish, or plecos, are a specialty of Aquarium Fish Sale.  These catfish originate in South America. Since many col...

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  • Bloodfin Tetras

    Bloodfin Tetra (Lot of 6)

    Bloodfin Tetra The bloodfin tetra has a solid bluish silver body with bright red fins. A group of these fish make a very pretty school in the fi...

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  • 20 Pack of Mosquito Fish

    Mosquito Fish (Lot of 20)

    Mosquito Fish Mosquito fish are very suited to the pond but can be fin nippers in the aquarium. These small livebearers are about the best fish a ...

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  • 100 Pack of Feeder White Cloud Minnows
    Sold out

    Feeder White Cloud Minnows (Pack of 100)

    White Cloud Feeders - pack of 100 each White cloud feeders are small and inexpensive fish to feed smaller predator fish or to grow out to display s...

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  • 4 Wild Apistogrammas

    Apistogramma Wild (Lot of 4)

    Apistogramma Set of 4  Our wild apistogramma come from small streams in the Colombia basin of the Amazon and can belong to one or more of 15 speci...

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  • Banggai Cardinalfish (Group of 3)

    Banggai Cardinalfish (Group of 3)

    Banggai Cardinalfish   Cardinalfish do better in the aquarium in small groups. Like the pajama cardinalfish, banggai cardinals will eat most prepar...

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