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  • Pacman Frog Green
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    Pacman Frog Green

    Green Pacman Frog Pacman frogs are famous for their giant Pacman Arcade mouth - in fact grown adults may be fed pinkie mice (but no more than once ...

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  • Centipede Knifefish

    Centipede Knifefish

    Centipede Knifefish  The Centipede Knifefish earns the name by creating the illusion of small walking centipede feet as the long anal fin undulates...

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  • Lemon Blue Eye Bushynose Pleco
    from $24.99

    Lemon Blue Eye Bushynose Pleco

    Bushynose Lemon Blue Eye Pleco The lemon color body and deep blue eyes of the lemon blue eye pleco makes this a very personable pleco. He seems to ...

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  • Sunburst Orange Glo Shark

    Sunburst Orange Glo Shark

    Orange Glo Shark The Sunburst Orange Glo Shark is a gene spliced albino rainbow shark. and some kind of secret jellyfish in Asia.  Rainbow sharks f...

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  • Nothobranchius rubripinnus Killifish (Pair)
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    Nothobranchius rubripinnus Killifish (Pair)

    Nothobranchius rubripinnis Killi (Pair) Nothobranchius rubripinnis, or just rubripinnis killifish, is a good find for the collector and breeder of ...

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  • Green Sailfin Molly (Pair)

    Green Sailfin Molly (Pair)

    Green Sailfin Molly Green sailfin mollies are the closest relative to the original sailfin mollies of Central America. The green sailfin molly is l...

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  • Fuji Red Discus
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    from $89.99

    Fuji Red Discus

    Fuji Red Discus Fuji Red Discus are yet another development of the Discus great Jack Wattley. These remarkably bright discus were bred from a few s...

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  • Blue Moscow Guppy (pair)

    Blue Moscow Guppy (pair)

    Blue Moscow Guppy (Pair) The solid blue hued Blue Moscow Guppy was developed after the black moscow guppy by Sri Lanka breeders who kept with the "...

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  • Tretocephalus Cichlid

    Tretocephalus Cichlid

    Tretocephalus Cichlid The tretocephalus cichlid is sometimes referred to as the five banded or five barred cichlid. Breeders use this common name t...

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  • Blue Glaze Shrimp

    Blue Glaze Shrimp

    Blue Glaze Shrimp Blue Glaze Shrimp are an exotic variation of the caridina species bred in Taiwan for bright blue and sparkling patterns. Each shr...

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  • Cory CW-045

    Cory CW-045

    Cory CW-045 The CW-045 cory is sometimes called the False Armatus Cory since it has a similar appearance to the armatus cory of Peru. However these...

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  • L-260 Queen Arabesque Pleco

    L-260 Queen Arabesque Pleco

    L-260 Queen Arabesque Pleco The queen arabesque pleco, sometimes grouped in with the gyspy king pleco as an Imperial King Tiger Pleco, has finer li...

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  • Yuanbao Parrot Cichlid

    Yuanbao Parrot Cichlid

    Yuanbao Parrot Cichlid The Yuanbao parrot cichlid, or Yuan Bao Parrot CIchlid, has dramatic speckeled and barred patterns and a unique round shape ...

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  • Japanese Blue Sword Guppy
    Sold out

    Japanese Blue Sword Guppy

    Japanese Blue Sword Guppy Male The Japanese Blue Swordtail Guppy are sold only as males since we cannot get the Thai breeders to ship us females. H...

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  • Monk Goby

    Monk Goby

    Monk Goby The freshwater, brackish, and saltwater  Monk Goby was originally discovered and classified in Southern Japan by the great ichthyologist ...

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  • Siberian Spiny Loach

    Siberian Spiny Loach

    Siberian Spiny Loach The Siberian spiny loach, also called the Siberian tiger loach, is caught in the wilds along Southern China and Taiwan. Not on...

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  • Green Mandarin Goby - Female
    from $29.99

    Green Mandarin Goby - Female

    Green Mandarin Goby The Green Mandarin Goby is one of the most colorful creatures on the planer. Most beginner saltwater aquarium owners will buy o...

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  • Black Venezuelan Cory -
    Sold out

    Black Venezuelan Cory

    Black Venezuelan Cory The black Venezuelan cory are a rare treat. When first imported to Germany in the 1990s these were thought to be a variation ...

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  • Albino Tiger Oscar Long Fin -
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    Albino Tiger Oscar Long Fin

    Albino Long Fin Tiger Oscar The albino version of the long fin tiger oscar offers a dramatic bright addition to an aggressive species tank. Who wou...

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  • Giant Checkerboard Cichlid -
    Sold out

    Giant Checkerboard Cichlid

    Giant Checkerboard Cichlid A rare treat to the trade, the giant checkerboard cichlid is shy and peaceful. These fish are appropriate for small to l...

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  • Giant Hairgrass Potted

    Giant Hairgrass Potted

    Giant Hairgrass  Giant hairgrass is a terrific background hardy tall plant. The leafs are narrow, spiky, and dark green. Scientific Name: ELEOCHAR...

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  • Dorado Catfish
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    from $89.99

    Dorado Catfish

    Dorado Catfish The Dorado Catfish, or the Golitath Gilded Cat, is one of the largest known catfish in the World. This catfish also holds the record...

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  • L-56 Chubby Pleco

    L-56 Chubby Pleco

    L-56 Chubby Pleco Chubby plecos come from rocky streams in Brazil and earn their name. Even their scales are fat and wide. The chubby pleco may cha...

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  • Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid

    Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid

    Thomasi Dwarf Cichlid The Thomasi cichlid, or African butterfly cichlid, is one of the smallest cichlids found in Africa. Thomasi cichlids have a t...

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