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  • Tiger Oscar

    Tiger Oscar

    Tiger Oscar The tiger oscar was the first variation bred from the wild black and white zebra oscar. Tiger oscars have broad uneven red stripes on a...

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  • Albino Oscar (Astronatus ocellarus)

    Albino Oscar

    Albino Oscar Oscars are one of the most popular South American Cichlids and will grow to a foot in size. These fish are considered aggressive and n...

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  • Red Oscar

    Red Oscar

     Red Oscar Red oscars are similar to the tiger oscar except this color varient features and broad red colored body with some black or grey. Red osc...

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  • Albino Tiger Oscar
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    Albino Tiger Oscar

    Albino Tiger Oscar The albino tiger oscar will grow to a large aggressive aquarium fish and should be kept alone or with similar size species when ...

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  • Lemon Oscar

    Lemon Oscar

    Lemon Oscar It took a few years after the tiger oscar, but the yellow pigment was finally bred into this beautiful cichlid and though these fish ar...

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  • Wild Zebra Oscar
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    Wild Zebra Oscar

    Wild Zebra Oscar In the wilds of the Amazon River Basin the actual wild oscar is black with some white, hence the name zebra oscar. These oscars ar...

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  • Tiger Oscar Long Fin

    Tiger Oscar Long Fin

    Long Fin Tiger Oscar The long fin tiger oscar takes a lot of sorting and breeding to get to our warehouse, so these are a bit more expensive than t...

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  • Albino Tiger Oscar Long Fin -
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    Albino Tiger Oscar Long Fin

    Albino Long Fin Tiger Oscar The albino version of the long fin tiger oscar offers a dramatic bright addition to an aggressive species tank. Who wou...

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