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Plants and Aquascaping

Aquascaping is the arranging of wood, rocks, substrate (ground), and plants in an aquarium to create a desired effect. An addition of just a few plants in any aquarium improves the balance of the aquatic environment and lowers the stress within the fish community. Happy plants happy fish. 

We offer very nice aquascaping rocks and driftwood, but only in small sizes that can be placed with fish orders - these products are very expensive to ship separately  and if large pieces are desired we recommend your local INDEPENDENT aquarium store.

A true planted aquarium uses aquascaping as the center piece of the fish tank as opposed to the fish. A planted aquarium is a hobby within a hobby and requires a good balance of carbon dioxide, algae control, and photosynthesis but the end product is quite rewarding.

There are three primary designs for the planted aquarium: the lush Dutch model, the Zen rock and moss Japanese model pioneered by Takashi Amano (the same shrimp guy), and the jungle model popular in the USA. offers the plants, wood, and rocks required to start this type of set-up. A good local INDEPENDENT aquarium store will have the proper lighting and, if required, carbon dioxide system. 

Our product line for aquarium for aquarium plants is big, but our line of terrarium and paludarium products are limited - but we have a few very nice items! 

ONE NOTE ON PLANT SUCCESS: There are two approaches to adding live plants. One approach is to simply add the plant to a common gravel substrate, no special lighting, no CO2, and hope for the best. In this case a few plants, such as anubias, will do fine. In many cases the plants will do fine for a few weeks but begin to fade. There is nothing wrong with this and decaying plants will not cause any problems with the water quality. The second approach is to provide and environment to allow even demanding plants like Rotala wallichi to thrive. This is a true planted tank and will take more advice than we can provide here. Please check out many of the online sources to learn about this underwater garden hobby.

  • Aluminum Plant

    Aluminum Plant

    Aluminum Plant The Aluminum Plant gets its name from the aluminum color finish on the leaves. These fish are true semi-aquatic plants and suited fo...

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  • Amazon Sword Plant
    from $5.99

    Amazon Sword Plant

    Amazon Sword Plant The most basic most popular sword plant in the aquarium hobby is the Amazon Sword. The sword family echinodorus grows all over t...

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    Anacharis Anacharis is a staple live veggie source for aquarium fish. These aquarium plants will arrive as bunched with five separate plants and a ...

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  • API Aquarium AlgaeFix

    API Aquarium AlgaeFix

    Aquarium Algae Killer Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc offers Algaefix. AlgaeFix is a broad treatment algaecide that kills and controls most types of ...

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  • API pH Buffer 7.0

    API pH Buffer 7.0

    Aquarium pH Buffer 7.0 Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc offers Proper pH 7.0, designed to stabilize the fish tank at about 7.0 while removing harmful ...

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  • Aquarium pH Adjuster Kit

    Aquarium pH Adjuster Kit

    API pH Adjuster Kit API pH Adjustment Kit contains instructions and ingredient for 250 tests and both pH Up and pH Down solutions to keep your aqua...

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  • Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 3)

    Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 3)

    Assorted potted plants will fit right in the same box as the fish order and offer a great opportunity to sample various popular aquarium plants.  E...

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  • Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 6)

    Assorted Potted Plants (Lot of 6)

    Even six assorted potted plants will fit right in the same box as the fish order and offer an even great opportunity to sample various popular aqua...

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  • Baby Tears
    Save 15%
    Original price 7.49
    Current price $6.37

    Baby Tears

    Baby Tears Baby tears will flourish in the aquarium under good lighting and water conditions, though even without ideal conditions the plants shoul...

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  • Baby Tears Dwarf (Portion)
    Save 12%
    Original price 12.99
    Current price $11.49

    Baby Tears Dwarf (Portion)

    Baby Tears Dwarf -  Portion Potted aquatic plants will flourish in the aquarium under good lighting and water conditions, though even without these...

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  • Bacopa


    Bacopa Bacopa are long narrow stemmed plants with small round green leaves. Bacopa will flower in the aquarium and are quite pretty. Each order com...

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  • Bamboo


    Live Bamboo The bamboo plant with its long classic stem and curly leaf is a classic accessory to goldfish and betta bowls and small nano tanks. The...

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  • Banana Plant
    Sold out

    Banana Plant

    Banana Plant The banana plant is a classic small aquatic plants with a floating banana shaped root structure. These aquatic plants will sink to the...

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  • Barteri Anubias
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    from $10.49

    Barteri Anubias

    Barteri Anubias This anubias plant is native to West Africa, grows well partially and fully submersed and is tolerant of low light. Barteri anubias...

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  • Christmas Moss
    Sold out

    Christmas Moss

    Christmas Moss Like Java moss, Christmas moss creates a thick green ground cover and a haven for shrimp and fry.  The tips of the plant will go up ...

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  • Contortion vallisneria
    Sold out

    Contortion vallisneria

    Contortion Val Contortion vallisneria is part of the eelgrass family of aquatic plants distributed all about the World. Contortion val is also call...

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  • Corkscrew vallisneria

    Corkscrew vallisneria

    Corkscrew Val Corkscrew vallisneria is a hardy green grassy plant that only grows to ten inches so this is a nice middle of the tank species for aq...

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  • Creeping Jenny

    Creeping Jenny

    Creeping Jenny The creeping jenny has small green and golden leaves on a short stemmed plant. Each creepy order comes with a small bunch containing...

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  • Crinum Calamistratum
    Sold out

    Crinum Calamistratum

    Crinum Calamistratum Crinum calamistratum, or crinum onion plant, are exceptional for the length of the leaves. When well established the narrow wa...

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  • Crinum Natans
    Sold out

    Crinum Natans

    Crinum Natans Crinum natans is a larger member of the crinum onion family and will grow extensive leaves. Very similar to Crinum calimistratum, whe...

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  • Cryptocoryne  Wendtii Red

    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red

    Crytocoryne Wendtii Red The wendtii crytocoryne, or "crypt" is named for a famous Dutch aquarium hobbiest Albert Wendt. The plant was discovered i...

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  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
    from $5.99

    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

    Crypto Wendtii Green Another crypt from our Florida grower, these medium light plants grow to about eight inches and will grow out along the aquari...

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  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Potted
    from $9.49

    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Potted

    Wendtii Green Our potted versions are all ready to place within the substrate already rooted in fish safe and clean rockwool and a 2 inch plastic p...

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  • Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia
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    Original price 7.99
    Current price $6.39

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia

    Deep Red Broad Leaf Ludwigia Ludwigia are native the the Americas and grow the the surface of ponds and have small yellow and white flowers. In the...

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