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  • Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish
    from $78.99

    Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish

    Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish The Foxface Rabbitfish can look discolored when it is acclimatizing to a new home and this should not be perceived as ill...

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  • Blue Spotted Rabbitfish
    Sold out

    Blue Spotted Rabbitfish

    Blue Spotted Rabbitfish The Blue Spotted Rabbitfish is actually a yellow fish but the species gets more and more blue spots as it ages. Rabbitfish ...

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  • Orange Spotted Rabbitfish
    from $99.99

    Orange Spotted Rabbitfish

    Orange Spotted Rabbitfish The Orange Spot Rabbitfish, also called the Orange Blotch Rabbitfish (not as sexy) is an unusually colored fish with  sil...

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