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Corals and Anemone Specials

  • Lavender Mushroom Coral
    from $100.98

    Lavender Mushroom Coral

    Lavender Mushroom  The Lavender Mushroom is a member of the Rhodactis genus, formerly called Discosoma. It generally grows larger and has shorter t...

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  • Lobophyllia Red Brain Coral
    from $96.98

    Lobophyllia Red Brain Coral

    Lobophyllia Red Brain  Brain coral is a large polyp stony(LPS) often referred to as a lobed colored ,carpet, flat, or open brain coral meat coral. ...

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  • Orange Ricordia Mushroom
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    Current price $103.98

    Orange Ricordia Mushroom

    Orange Ricordea Mushroom Ricordia Mushroom Coral, also called Flower Mushroom, has an obvious flower shape and is a good addition to the mid-level ...

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