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Corals and Anemone Specials

  • Goniopora Green Flowerpot Coral
    from $73.84

    Goniopora Green Flowerpot Coral

    Goniopora Green Flowerpot Coral Is often referred to as Flowerpot, Daisy coral, ball coral, or sunflower coral. It is not overly aggressive but spa...

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  • Green Bubble Anemone
    from $36.74

    Green Bubble Anemone

    Green Bubble Tip Anemone In order to keep the color on your anemone vibrant, it will need to be exposed to a lot of lighting. For this use intense ...

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  • Green Mushroom Coral
    from $62.99

    Green Mushroom Coral

    Green Mushroom Coral These corals are hardy and grow quickly. Since these corals are semi-aggressive, they will need space from other corals and i...

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  • Lobophyllia Red Brain Coral
    from $83.29

    Lobophyllia Red Brain Coral

    Lobophyllia Red Brain  Brain coral is a large polyp stony(LPS) often referred to as a lobed colored ,carpet, flat, or open brain coral meat coral. ...

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  • Rainbow Coral Polyp
    Save 20%
    Original price 112.49
    Current price $89.99

    Rainbow Coral Polyp

    Obviously this zoanthid coral has very nice coloration, and the Rainbow coral, sold as a large single polyp, is hardy and peaceful.

  • Red and Green Candy Cane Coral
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    Original price 109.99
    Current price $87.99

    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral

    Red and Green Candy Cane Coral The Candy Cane Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as the Trumpet, Torch, Candy, or Bullseye...

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