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Plant Specials

  • Hornwort
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    Original price 3.98
    Current price $3.38


    Hornwort The hornwort plant is prolific in the wild all over the World and grows as a floating plant as well as a loosely anchored plant in muddy s...

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  • Corkscrew vallisneria
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    Original price 4.98
    Current price $4.23

    Corkscrew vallisneria

    Corkscrew Val Corkscrew vallisneria is a hardy green grassy plant that only grows to ten inches so this is a nice middle of the tank species for aq...

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  • Baby Tears Dwarf (Portion)
    Save 15%
    Original price 9.98
    Current price $8.48

    Baby Tears Dwarf (Portion)

    Baby Tears Dwarf -  Portion Potted aquatic plants will flourish in the aquarium under good lighting and water conditions, though even without these...

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  • Tiger Lotus Plant -
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    Original price 10.98
    Current price $9.33

    Tiger Lotus Plant

    Tiger Lotus Plant  The aquarium tiger lotus is a dwarf version of the pond lotus plant. The safest way to buy a tiger lotus bulb is to skip the pur...

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