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Plant Specials

  • Hornwort
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    Hornwort The hornwort plant is prolific in the wild all over the World and grows as a floating plant as well as a loosely anchored plant in muddy s...

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  • Banana Plant
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    Banana Plant

    Banana Plant The banana plant is a classic small aquatic plants with a floating banana shaped root structure. These aquatic plants will sink to the...

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    Anacharis Anacharis is a staple veggie source for aquariums. These plants will arrive as bunched with five separate plants and a lead weight so the...

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  • Italian Vallisneria
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    Italian Vallisneria

    Italian Val  Italian val, also called straight vallisneria, is a hardy val and slightly smaller than the larger jungle val and has long green narro...

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  • Willow Moss
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    Willow Moss

    Willow Moss Willow moss is just a bit more, well, willowy than java moss, and both make beautiful live ground cover. Mosses are a welcome home to s...

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