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Plant Specials

  • Hornwort
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    Original price 3.98
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    Hornwort The hornwort plant is prolific in the wild all over the World and grows as a floating plant as well as a loosely anchored plant in muddy s...

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  • Java Fern
    from $4.23

    Java Fern

    Java Fern Java fern are from the Island of Java in Indonesia and grow to about ten inches. These plants are very hardy and will root to drift wood ...

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    Save 15%
    Original price 5.98
    Current price $5.08


    Anacharis Anacharis is a staple live veggie source for aquarium fish. These aquarium plants will arrive as bunched with five separate plants and a ...

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  • Java Moss
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    Original price 8.98
    Current price $7.63

    Java Moss

    Java Moss In the right aquatic conditions java moss is a prolific ground cover. Java moss is attractive and looks very much like terrestrial moss a...

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