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Saltwater Specials

All fish come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for Live Arrival. 
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  • Blue Tang
    from $69.58

    Blue Tang

    Blue Tang The Pacific Blue Tang, also called Dory, is a member of the surgeonfishes and is one of the most active swimmers of the available tangs. ...

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  • Cleaner Shrimp
    Save 20%
    Original price 36.98
    Current price $29.58

    Cleaner Shrimp

    Cleaner Shrimp Also called the Scarlet Skunk Shrimp, will set up a cleaning station upon coral or rocks in the aquarium. When fish need a good clea...

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  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
    from $27.98

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Coral Beauty Angel, Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish, or just Coral Beauty, fea...

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  • Dogface Puffer
    from $75.98

    Dogface Puffer

    Dogface Puffer Arothron nigropunctatus is a small sized fish which grows up to 1 ft. length. Its body is oval shape, spherical and relatively elong...

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  • Emerald Crab
    from $8.78

    Emerald Crab

    Emerald Crab A good scavenger and reef safe and very hardy.  Scientific Name: Mithraculus sculptus Max Size: 2 1/2 inches Diet: dried seaweed ...

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  • Fire Red Shrimp
    Save 20%
    Original price 47.98
    Current price $38.38

    Fire Red Shrimp

    Fire Red Shrimp Fire red shrimp, or simpley fire shrimp, are considered one of the vibrant color shrimps out there for your reef tank they also ca...

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  • Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus)
    from $23.18

    Green Mandarin Goby

    Green Mandarin Goby The Green Mandarine Goby is one of the most colorful creatures on the planer. Most beginner saltwater aquarium owners will buy ...

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  • Lawnmower Blenny
    from $19.98

    Lawnmower Blenny

    Lawnmower Blenny Lawnmower Blenny, also known as the Algae Blenny, Sailfin Blenny, Jeweled Blenny, Jeweled Rockskipper. These Blennies  are a benef...

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  • Centropyge flavissima
    from $47.98

    Lemonpeel Angelfish

    Lemon Peel Angelfish  Lemonpeel Angelfish, or Lemon Peel Angelfish, are a cheery yellow color with sky-blue highlights on the lips and encircling t...

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  • Lunare Wrasse
    Save 20%
    Original price 44.98
    Current price $35.98

    Lunare Wrasse

    Lunare Wrasse The Lunare Wrasse, also called the Lyretail Wrasse,  are often blue and green with lavender markings on the face and fins. The tail h...

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  • Ocellaris Clownfish
    from $16.79

    Ocellaris Clownfish

    Ocellaris Clownfish The Ocellaris Clownfish is the aquarium industry's most popular saltwater aquarium fish. Its beautiful orange body dressed with...

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  • Pajama Cardinal
    Save 20%
    Original price 19.98
    Current price $15.98

    Pajama Cardinalfish

    Pajama Cardinalfish Also known as the Polka-dot Cardinalfish, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Coral Cardinalfish, Pajama Cardinal, and the Red Spotte...

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  • Red Firefish Goby
    Save 20%
    Original price 21.98
    Current price $17.58

    Red Firefish Goby

    Red Firefish Goby In nature the small Firefish Goby will jump from tidal pool to tidal pool so they require a covered tank. Other than that, they ...

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  • Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish
    Save 20%
    Original price 89.98
    Current price $71.98

    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish

    Red Tooth Niger Triggerfish Niger Triggerfish have a few different common names like the Red Tooth Triggerfish and the Black Triggerfish. The Niger...

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  • Rusty Angelfish
    from $35.98

    Rusty Angelfish

    Rusty Angel   Rusty Angelfish is aptly named for its predominate red or amber coloration punctuated with black dots that decrease in size from dors...

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  • Sailfin Tang
    from $39.98

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang Like all tangs or surgeons, the Sailfin Tang will eat all the pesky hair algae in the aquarium. The Salifin Tang grow to one foot and ...

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  • Starry Blenny
    Save 20%
    Original price 24.98
    Current price $19.98

    Starry Blenny

    Starry Blenny Starry Blenny, or Snowflake Blenny, features dark brown base color with multiple white to light blue dots over its entire body, which...

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  • Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish
    from $59.98

    Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish

    Yellow Foxface Rabbitfish The Foxface Rabbitfish can look discolored when it is acclimatizing to a new home and this should not be perceived as ill...

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