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Saltwater Specials

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  • Banded Coral Shrimp
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    Original price 28.99
    Current price $24.64

    Banded Coral Shrimp

    Banded Coral Shrimp The beautiful banded coral shrimp act as cleaner shrimp and will set up in an area of the aquarium where they will clean the pa...

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  • Banggai Cardinalfish
    from $21.00

    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Banggai Cardinalfish   Also known as Kaudern's or Longfin Cardinal, the Banggai Cardinal are a bit more aggressive than the similar Pajama Cardinal...

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  • Centropyge bicolor
    from $37.79

    Bicolor Angelfish

    Bicolor Angelfish The Bicolor Angelfish, or less commonly the Oriole Angelfish, is a dwarf angelfish which only grows to 5 inches and is reef safe...

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  • Blue Damselfish
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    Original price 20.99
    Current price $12.59

    Blue Damselfish

    Blue Damselfish The Blue Damselfish, or simply the Blue Damsel, can be found in every independent saltwater aquarium store in the World. Like the n...

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  • Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)
    from $113.99

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish (male)

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish The Blue Jaw Trigger, sometimes called the Blue Throat Trigger, grows to 10 inches and will be safe in reef tanks and general ...

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  • Blue Tang
    from $84.99

    Blue Tang

    Blue Tang The Pacific Blue Tang, also called Dory, is a member of the surgeonfishes and is one of the most active swimmers of the available tangs. ...

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  • Cleaner Wrasse
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    Original price 29.99
    Current price $25.50

    Cleaner Wrasse

    Cleaner Wrasse Usually found at cleaning stations. Cleaning stations are occupied by different units of cleaner wrasses, such as a group of youth...

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  • Copperband Butterflyfish
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    Original price 107.49
    Current price $64.49

    Copperband Butterflyfish

    Copperband Butterflyfish Copper-banded butterflyfish need exceptionally clean water conditions. In a well maintained tank they will thrive in reef ...

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  • Coral Beauty Angelfish
    from $34.99

    Coral Beauty Angelfish

    Coral Beauty Angelfish Coral Beauty Angel, Centropyge bispinosus, also known as the Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish, or just Coral Beauty, fea...

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  • Valenciennea puellaris
    from $33.71

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    Diamond Watchman Goby The Diamond Watchman Goby are harder to transition to prepared foods and rely on sand sifting for nutrition. It is best to pu...

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  • Dogface Puffer
    from $79.99

    Dogface Puffer

    Arothron nigropunctatus is a small sized fish which grows up to 1 ft. length. Its body is oval shape, spherical and relatively elongated. The skin ...

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  • Emerald Crab
    from $8.99

    Emerald Crab

    Emerald Crab A good scavenger and reef safe and very hardy.  Scientific Name: Mithraculus sculptus Max Size: 2 1/2 inches Diet: dried seaweed ...

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  • Green Bird Wrasse - Male
    from $127.07

    Green Bird Wrasse - Male

    Green Bird Wrasse - Male (semi-aggressive) The Bird Wrasse Gomphosus varius is a beautiful emerald green fish in its male form, known as the Green ...

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  • Green Chromis Damselfish
    Sold out
    Original price 8.99
    Current price $7.64

    Green Chromis Damselfish

    Green Chromis Damselfish The Green Chromis Damselfish, or simply the Green Chromis, are a wonderful schooling fish and in the wild are found in lar...

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  • Green Mandarin Goby (Synchiropus splendidus)
    from $26.99

    Green Mandarin Goby

    Green Mandarin Goby The Green Mandarine Goby is one of the most colorful creatures on the planer. Most beginner saltwater aquarium owners will buy ...

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  • Koran Angelfish
    from $89.99

    Koran Angelfish

    Koran Angelfish Koran Angelfish, also referred to as the Semicircular Angelfish or Halfcircled Angelfish, is an extremely popular and hardy angelfi...

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  • Red Leg Hermit Crab
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    Original price 7.99
    Current price $4.79

    Red Leg Hermit Crab

    Red Leg Hermit Crab Also known as a Mexican hermit crab, these live off the western coast of Mexico, and are abundant in the Gulf of California. ...

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  • Saddle Valentini Puffer
    from $23.99

    Saddle Valentini Puffer

    Saddle Valentini Puffer  Saddle Puffer is also known as Valentini's Sharpnose Puffer , Valentini Puffer, Black Saddle Puffer fish, Black saddled To...

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  • Sailfin Tang
    from $32.99

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang Like all tangs or surgeons, the Sailfin Tang will eat all the pesky hair algae in the aquarium. The Salifin Tang grow to one foot and ...

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  • Scopas Brown Tang
    from $48.99

    Scopas Brown Tang

    Scopas Brown Tang The Scopas Tang is a member of the genus Zebramosa, which is a part of the Tang/Surgeonfish family most notable known for their t...

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  • Six Line Wrasse
    from $25.49

    Six Line Wrasse

    Six Line Wrasse Of course the color pattern of the Six Line Wrasse has six lines, but most striking is the beautiful pink and purple colors. Six L...

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  • Squamipinis Blue Eye Anthias - Female
    from $49.99

    Squamipinis Blue Eye Anthias - Female

    Squamipinis Blue Eye Anthias - Female The Orange Squamipinnis, also called the orange lyretail anthias, is terrific in reef and community tanks, gr...

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  • Starry Blenny
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    Original price 34.99
    Current price $21.00

    Starry Blenny

    Starry Blenny Starry Blenny, or Snowflake Blenny, features dark brown base color with multiple white to light blue dots over its entire body, which...

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  • Stars and Stripes Puffer
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    Original price 99.99
    Current price $79.99

    Stars and Stripes Puffer

    Stars and Stripes Puffer Stars and Stripes Puffer is referred to as the Whitespotted Pufferfish, or Hispid Pufferfish. It is named appropriately b...

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