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Saltwater Goby

Saltwater Gobies

There are more the 2000 saltwater gobies and 200 of these species are found in the aquarium trade. Most marine gobies for the aquarium are small bottom dwellers and grow to no more than three inches, though a few uncommon goby species grow quite large. Most are safe for community fish tanks and reef tanks. 

Gobies need rocks to graze and hunt and a sandy substrate to burrow. Just as these fish can hop around the bottom of the fish tank, they can hop out of the fish tank, so a proper top is required for most Saltwater gobies.

  • Pink Spot Watchman Goby

    Pink Spot Watchman Goby

     Pink Spot Watchman Goby The Pink Spot Goby, also known as a pink-speckled shrimpgoby, have pretty little pink spots all over their body and grow t...

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  • Pinkbar Goby

    Pinkbar Goby

    Pinkbar Goby The Aurora Goby are also called the Pinkbar Blenny and Pinkbar Goby for the dominate vertical stripes along their body. These marine f...

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  • Purple FireFish Goby

    Purple FireFish Goby

    Purple FireFish Goby The Purple Firefish also known by various common names such as the Decorated Firefish and the Fire Goby. The colors on this f...

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  • Purple Tile Goby
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    Purple Tile Goby

    Purple Tile Goby The Purple Tile Goby require veggies and several inches of sandy substrate along with frozen meaty foods. These fish have magnific...

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  • Railway Sleeper Goby

    Railway Sleeper Goby

    Railway Sleeper Goby The Railway Sleeper Goby is also known as a Sleeper Railway Glider Goby. This timid saltwater goby is a great addition to a re...

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  • Rainfordi Goby

    Rainfordi Goby

    Rainfordi Goby The Rainfordi Goby is also called the Old Glory Goby due to the Southern Flag cross stripes on the body. The fish grow to three inch...

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  • Randall's Goby
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    Randall's Goby

    Randall's Goby Randall's Goby or Orange Stripe Prawn Goby, is one of the most desirable gobies in the aquatic trade due to its adaptability, hardin...

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  • Red Firefish Goby
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    Red Firefish Goby

    Red Firefish Goby In nature the small Firefish Goby will jump from tidal pool to tidal pool so they require a covered tank. Other than that, they ...

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  • Scissortail Goby
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    Scissortail Goby

    Scissortail Goby Some gobies are called Darterfish due to their motion in the water. Such is the case for the Scissortail Goby or Scissortail Darte...

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  • Skunk Tilefish Goby

    Skunk Tilefish Goby

    Skunk Tilefish Goby Tilefish resemble some gobies but are actually from a different family, Malacanthidae. Like most of their goby relatives, tilef...

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  • Sleeper Dragon Goby
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    Sleeper Dragon Goby

    Sleeper Dragon Goby The saltwater Dragon Goby is also known as the Whitebarred Goby and Sleeper Banded Gody. The Dragon Goby is silver and white wi...

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  • Spotted Mandarin Goby
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    Spotted Mandarin Goby

    Spotted Mandarin Goby A slow but colorful fish, often found hiding in the live rock or hovering between caves. Primarily a bottom-dweller, it will ...

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  • Steinitz Goby

    Steinitz Goby

    Steinitz Goby In the wild the Steinitz Goby is a "prawn goby". Prawn gobies like with prawns and use their burrows to hide. In exchange prawn goby ...

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  • Tangaroa Goby

    Tangaroa Goby

    Tangaroa Goby The Tangaroa Goby is another prawn goby and if kept with gunman shrimp will demonstrate the symbiotic behavior. The fish do well in n...

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  • Tiger Watchman Goby
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    Tiger Watchman Goby

    Tiger Watchman Goby  The Tiger Wardi Goby features a beautiful cream-colored body with three wide brown striped bars across its body. It is one of ...

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  • Twin Spot Signal Goby

    Twin Spot Signal Goby

    The twinspot goby spends much of its time hovering over the sea floor.  It has large, black pelvic fins with tiny blue spots and a large black eye-...

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  • White Cap Goby
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    White Cap Goby

    White Cap Goby White Cap Goby, Lotilia graciliosa, is an extremely rare variation of the goby fish. This fish is easily the centerpeice of any nano...

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  • White Sleeper Goby
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    White Sleeper Goby

    White Sleeper Goby The Sleeper White Goby is more commonly known as the Blue Dot Goby or Ladder Goby, but since the species is almost all white we ...

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  • Yacha Jacha Goby
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    Yacha Jacha Goby

    Yasha goby fish is a distinctive variety of goby fish known for its fantastic behavior and appearance. It is not very common in the aquarium hobby ...

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  • Yellow Clown Goby
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    Yellow Clown Goby

    Yellow Clown Goby  The most distinctive aspects of goby morphology are the fused pelvic fins that form a disc-shaped sucker. This sucker is functio...

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  • Yellow Watchman Goby

    Yellow Watchman Goby

    Yellow Watchman Goby An interesting specimen that forms a very cool symbiotic relationship with the pistol shrimp. The yellow watchman goby watches...

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  • Zebra Bar Goby

    Zebra Bar Goby

    Zebra Bar Goby This unusual Zebra Bar Goby, or Zebra Darter Fish,  is not frequently seen in the aquarium trade but they have a very attractive sle...

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