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Free Shipping on orders over $139

Saltwater Tang

Saltwater Tangs are colorful community aquarium fish that are hardy and easy to keep but hostile to reef environments. Large saltwater aquarium fish require large fish tanks and clean water with good circulation.
  • Yellow Tang
    from $76.99

    Yellow Tang

    Yellow Tang Also known as the Yellow Hawaiian Tang or Yellow Surgeonfish is one of the most popular and hardy saltwater aquarium fish. Solid yello...

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  • Blue Tang
    from $86.99

    Blue Tang

    Blue Tang The Pacific Blue Tang, also called Dory, is a member of the surgeonfishes and is one of the most active swimmers of the available tangs. ...

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  • Powder Blue Tang
    from $83.99

    Powder Blue Tang

    Powder Blue Tang (Semi-aggressive) Powder Blue Tangs are popular due to their color and activity, but these fish require very good marine condition...

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  • Yellow Eye Kole Tang
    from $74.99

    Yellow Eye Kole Tang

    Yellow Eye Kole Tang Also called the Yellow-eye Tang and Yellow-eye Surgeon. The marine species grows to only 7 inches and these lively fish are su...

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  • Blonde Naso Tang
    from $116.99

    Blonde Naso Tang

    Blonde Naso Tang Both the Blonde Naso Tang, and its close cousin the Naso Tang N. literatus are called the Orangespine Unicornfish. This comes fro...

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  • Sailfin Tang
    from $42.99

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang Like all tangs or surgeons, the Sailfin Tang will eat all the pesky hair algae in the aquarium. The Salifin Tang grow to one foot and ...

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  • Achilles Tang -
    from $303.99

    Achilles Tang

    Achilles Tang The Achilles Tang or Red-tail Surgeon, needs good water conditions and veggies including seaweed to survive in the aquarium. This mar...

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  • Atlantic Blue Tang

    Atlantic Blue Tang

    Atlantic Blue Tang Atlantic Blue Tang, Blue Tang Surgeonfish, and simply the Blue Tang, has an oval body with bold markings that change as the fish...

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  • Naso lituratus
    from $110.99

    Naso Tang

    Naso Tang The Naso Tang should play well with other fish species, except for other tangs and surgeonfish. Invertebrates should be left alone, but ...

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  • Tominiensis Tang
    from $74.99

    Tominiensis Tang

    Tominiensis Tang Also called a Flame Tang, in the wild, Ctenochaetus tangs spend their day swimming around on the reef in search of marine algae an...

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  • Mimic Yellow Tang
    from $34.99

    Mimic Yellow Tang

    These tangs have many common names that used in the hobby. The Mimic Lemon Peel Tang (Acanthurus Pyroferus) is also known as: Yellow Mimic Tang, Le...

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  • Orange Shoulder Tang
    from $89.99

    Orange Shoulder Tang

    Orange Shoulder Tang Tangs are often referred to as surgeon fish, we just call them all tangs. However this fish is commonly known as the Orange Sh...

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  • Desjardini Sailfin Tang
    from $81.99

    Desjardini Sailfin Tang

    Desjardini Sailfin Tang The largest of the tangs and requires a very large system and may establish a territory and fight with tankmates with simil...

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  • Scopas Brown Tang
    from $60.99

    Scopas Brown Tang

    Scopas Brown Tang The Scopas Tang is a member of the genus Zebramosa, which is a part of the Tang/Surgeonfish family most notable known for their t...

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  • Blue Eye Kole Tang

    Blue Eye Kole Tang

    Blue Eye Kole Tang Also commonly known as the two-spot surgeonfish or the two-spot bristletooth. It is considered an algae eater, and the addition ...

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  • Convict Tang

    Convict Tang

    Convict Tang Smaller and more peaceful than most surgeon fish. These fish grow to 8 inches and will adapt to most aquariums of at least 120 gallons...

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  • Powder Brown Tang

    Powder Brown Tang

    Powder Brown Tang The Powder Brown Tang is a popular fish also known as the White-faced or Japanese Tang. It has a brown body with a blue-trimmed...

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  • Whitetale Kole Tang

    Whitetale Kole Tang

    Whitetale Kole Tang The White Tail Yellow Eye Tang, Ctenochaetus flavicauda, also known as the Whitetail Bristletooth Tang, has a beautifully deep ...

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  • Purple Tang
    from $189.99

    Purple Tang

    Purple Tang Also known as the Yellowtail Sailfin Tang, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, and the Blue Surgeonfish, is blue to purple in color with a yellow t...

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  • Lavender Tang

    Lavender Tang

    Lavender Tang Lavender Tang are hardy and active and will adapt to most marine aquariums over 50 gallons. Another native of Hawaii and a very activ...

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  • Mimic Lemon Peel Tang
    Sold out

    Mimic Lemon Peel Tang

    Yellow Mimic Tang - Mimic Lemon Peel Tang: The Yellow Mimic Tang is commonly known as Chocolate surgeonfish, Chocolate Yellow Mimic Tang and Mimic ...

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  • Chocolate Tang

    Chocolate Tang

    Chocolate Tang Found in the Indo-Pacific, the Acanthurus pyroferus is also known as the Mimic Tang. As a juvenile it mimics the Lemonpeel Angelfish...

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  • Blonde Naso Tang Streamer
    from $209.99

    Blonde Naso Tang Streamer

    Blonde Naso Tang Streamer Naso Tangs with streamers are usually males. Streamers can begin to show when the fish is in the range of 6” – 9” in siz...

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  • African Yellow Belly Blue Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus
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    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang

    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang The African Blue Tang, also called Dory, has bright yellow, blue, and white colors and these fish are active in the ...

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