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  • Banded Cat Shark
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    Banded Cat Shark

    Cat Shark The Black Banded Cat Shark is known as a Cat Shark because the barbs at the mouth look like cat whiskers. It is also referred to as the B...

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  • Banded Shark Eggs
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    Banded Shark Eggs

    Banded Shark Eggs A banded shark egg will require sand as the substrate in the aquarium, as the abdomen is easily scratched by a coarser substrate....

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  • Marble Shark
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    Marble Shark

    Also known as the Coral cat shark. The eyes are set in front of  large spiracles, which are used to move water into the gill chambers when the shar...

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  • Bamboo Shark -
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    Bamboo Shark

    BAMBOO SHARK The Bamboo Shark or White spotted Bamboo Shark or Brown-spotted Cat Shark is one of the more popular exotic pet fish in the saltwater ...

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  • Horn Shark

    Horn Shark

    The Horn Shark is a species of bullhead shark. The shark is found in the coastal waters off the western coast of North America, from California to ...

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  • Bamboo Shark Egg
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    Bamboo Shark Egg

    Bamboo Shark Egg Bamboo sharks eat other invertebrates and small fish that also live in the warm, shallow waters they enjoy. They only grow to abou...

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  • Grey Smooth Hound Shark
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    Grey Smooth Hound Shark

    Grey Smooth Hound Shark The Greyhound Shark, or grey smooth hound shark, looks like a dwarf version of the very scary open water grey shark. Growin...

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