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Tang fish are colorful aggressive large community aquarium fish that are hardy and easy to keep but hostile to reef environments. Large saltwater aquarium fish require large fish tanks and clean water with good circulation. Great fish for a FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rocks), the tang fish is rough on reefs. Most tangs will be aggressive to other tankmates so introduce them carefully, and most tangs require large aquariums, frequent feeding (algae and meaty foods, but especially algae), and clean water. Getting it all right is part of our Exotic Hobby.
  • Achilles Tang -
    from $441.99

    Achilles Tang

    Achilles Tang The Achilles Tang or Red-tail Surgeon, needs good water conditions and veggies including seaweed to survive in the aquarium. This mar...

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  • African Yellow Belly Blue Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus

    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang

    African Yellow Belly Blue Tang The African Blue Tang, also called Dory, has bright yellow, blue, and white colors and these fish are active in the ...

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  • Atlantic Blue Tang
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    Atlantic Blue Tang

    Atlantic Blue Tang Atlantic Blue Tang, Blue Tang Surgeonfish, and simply the Blue Tang, has an oval body with bold markings that change as the fish...

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  • Black Shoulder Tang
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    Black Shoulder Tang

    The Black Shoulder Tang     The black shoulder tang grows to 15 inches so the fish will eventually require a very large aquarium. This species is r...

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  • Black Tang - Zebrasoma rostratum
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    Black Tang A rare and exciting addition to all marine aquariums including reef tanks. Aggressive to other tangs and growing to about eight inches, ...

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  • Blonde Naso Tang
    from $164.99

    Blonde Naso Tang

    Blonde Naso Tang The Blonde Naso Tang is also called the Elegant Tang, or the Orange-spine Surgeonfish. This comes from the pair of spines surroun...

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  • Blonde Naso Tang Streamer
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    from $361.49

    Blonde Naso Tang Streamer

    Blonde Naso Tang Streamer Naso Tangs with streamers are usually males. Streamers can begin to show when the fish is in the range of 6” – 9” in siz...

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  • Blue Eye Kole Tang

    Blue Eye Kole Tang

    Blue Eye Kole Tang Also commonly known as the two-spot surgeonfish or the two-spot bristletooth. It is considered an algae eater, and the addition ...

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  • Blue Tang
    from $67.57

    Blue Tang

    Blue Tang The Pacific Blue Tang, also called Dory, is a member of the surgeonfishes and is one of the most active swimmers of the available tangs. ...

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  • Chevron Tang - Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis
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    Chevron Tang

    Chevron Tang The Chevron Tang is a native of Hawaii, as demonstrated by the scientific name. The pretty orange color changes shades as the fish mat...

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  • Chocolate Tang

    Chocolate Tang

    Chocolate Tang Found in the Indo-Pacific, the Acanthurus pyroferus is also known as the Mimic Tang. As a juvenile it mimics the Lemonpeel Angelfish...

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  • Convict Tang
    from $47.49

    Convict Tang

    Convict Tang Smaller and more peaceful than most surgeon fish. These fish grow to 8 inches and will adapt to most aquariums of at least 120 gallons...

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  • Desjardini Sailfin Tang
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    from $71.49

    Desjardini Sailfin Tang

    Desjardini Sailfin Tang The largest of the tangs and requires a very large system and may establish a territory and fight with tankmates with simil...

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  • Gem Tang

    Gem Tang

    Gem Tang.       NON -REFUNDABLE  Gem Tang often fetches very high prices when found on the US aquarium hobby market, so it is quite a unique occasi...

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  • Gold Rim Tang
    from $87.99

    Gold Rim Tang

    Goldrim Tang The Whitecheek Tang or as it is also commonly referred to as within the aquarium hobby as the Gold-rimmed Surgeonfish or Whitecheek Su...

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  • Lavender Tang

    Lavender Tang

    Lavender Tang Lavender Tang are hardy and active and will adapt to most marine aquariums over 50 gallons. Another native of Hawaii and a very activ...

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  • Mimic Lemon Peel Tang
    from $108.99

    Mimic Lemon Peel Tang

    Yellow Mimic Tang The Yellow Mimic Tang is commonly known as Chocolate surgeonfish, Chocolate Yellow Mimic Tang and Mimic Surgeon. When young, the ...

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  • Mimic Yellow Tang
    from $87.99

    Mimic Yellow Tang

      Yellow Mimic Tang   Scientific name: Acanthurus pyroferus Approx. Shipping Size: 2 inches to 3 inches

  • Mustard Tang

    Mustard Tang

    The Mustard Tang is sought due to the unique grey color pattern. These tangs like to hide and will get along with most fish except other tangs and ...

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  • Naso lituratus
    from $76.99

    Naso Tang

    Naso Tang The Naso Tang should play well with other fish species, except for other tangs and surgeonfish. Invertebrates should be left alone, but ...

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  • Naso Unicorn Tang
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    from $201.49

    Naso Unicorn Tang

    The Unicorn Tang is best known for the long appendage that grows from it’s forehead. Normally non-aggressive toward tankmates, with the exceptio...

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  • Naso Vlamingii Tang
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    from $108.99

    Naso Vlamingii Tang

    Vlamingi Naso Tang Most fish are known as juveniles to have unusually beautiful coloration, only to loose this bright coloration as an adult and be...

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  • Naso Vlamingii Tang  (Juvenile)
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    Naso Vlamingii Tang (Juvenile)

    Most fish are known as juveniles to have unusually beautiful coloration, only to loose this bright coloration as an adult and become drab. This...

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  • Orange Shoulder Tang
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    from $155.49

    Orange Shoulder Tang

    Orange Shoulder Tang Tangs are often referred to as surgeon fish, we just call them all tangs. However this fish is commonly known as the Orange Sh...

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