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Welcome to Aquarium Fish Sale

Bigger Selection, Better Fish.Ā 

AquariumFishSale (AFS) works with four select importers from each major tropical region to create the best offering, theĀ best price, and the best selection of freshwater fish in the World. We offer plantsĀ verified by the Agricultural Department asĀ safe for the aquarium.Ā Our fish importersĀ practice sustainable gathering or breeding practices. The staff at AFSĀ has more than 200 years of collective experience importing and housing salt and freshwater fish.

All fish areĀ feeding, healthy, and inspected prior to your shipment.

  • We guarantee live arrival. Please research before introducing a new species to a community tank, and always float your bags for one hour before release. Please provide yourĀ DOA "Dead on Arrival" claim with a picture within 24 hours of arrival and we will honor your claim.
  • We will do our best to address your concerns and questions via email and we encourage you to ask your questions before your purchase.Ā  We are here to improve the Hobby and keep our customers for the long term.
  • The internet is a great source of information on most aquarium species, some of which we do not address on this site, such as detailed species descriptions, breeding and compatibility. PleaseĀ research before you purchase.
  • We encourage you to visit and purchase supplies that we cannot provide from your local independent aquatic store.


Tropical fish gathering point on the Orinoco River

Aquarium Fish Sale is an authorized dealer of Premium Cobalt Aquatics products.