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South American Oddballs 

AquariumFishSale.com specializes in importing and housing exotic freshwater species. AFS groups these “oddballs” by region: African, South American, and Asian. AFS avoids collecting species known to be harvested improperly, particularly in the African region. Certain species, such as Arapaima, are endangered in the wild and AFS only imports these species through CITES certification to ensure future sustainability.  Oddball fish range in size due to the season and maturity or even the particular part of the lake or river from which they were caught.



Aquarium Fish Sale offers the largest freshwater fish of the Amazon. These fish are built like torpedoes and never stop feeding and looking for food. They grow massive, so have a game plan in mind. Fish do not grow to the tank size, they aren’t muffins. They will require live food such as small goldfish and variatus.

Origin: Peru
Lifespan: 25 years
Max size: 96 inches
Food: Pellet, frozen, live feeders