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Black Boxfish


Boxfish are strikingly distinctive fish that requires special care, but whose coloration and personality make it worth the effort. Of utmost importance, this fish must be kept with peaceful aquarium mates that will not cause undue stress. Larger aquariums with moderate-to-low aquarium populations and moderate-to-low water flows suit it best. Boxfish are not assertive eaters, so they should not be housed with fish that will eat the food before the Boxfish has received adequate nourishment. Also known as the Spotted Boxfish, Blue Boxfish is the male of the species. He has black spots on its blue coloration and white spots on its black dorsal region coloration. The Female has white spots on its velvety black body. As an omnivore, herbivorous side of its diet must be supplemented with seaweed sheets or other vegetable preparations. All foods must be fed below the aquarium surface. Floating foods may cause the fish to gulp air, thus causing potential problems with balance and buoyancy. For the aquarist willing to devote extra time to allot time for the correct care and the willingness to furnish a proper environment, keeping Boxfish can be a highly rewarding experience. 

  • Scientific Name: Ostracion meleagris
  • Origin: Hawaii
  • Max Size: 10 inches
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Required Tank Size: 180+ gallons
  • Shipping Size: 1 to 3 inches