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Cory CW-045

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Cory CW-045

The CW-045 cory is sometimes called the False Armatus Cory since it has a similar appearance to the armatus cory of Peru. However these are different species and are caught in a difficult area to get to near the Colombia Brazil border.  More commonoly we refer to CW-045 ad CW-045. The number CW is a fiction similar to the L numbers for plecos - both were invented by the hobby community and not a true part of zoology. DATZ - a German magazine came up with the L numbers for plecos so we can figure out who is who. The hobby site CorydorasWorld invented the CW system for corys. It works, because no one else has come up with a more common name for Cory CW-045 and we all know what cory it is.

Cory CW-45 is a big cory, getting three inches and is charcoal with a red sash on the head. 

  • Scientific Name: Corydoras CW-045
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Lifespan:  8 years
  • Max Size: 3nches
  • Food: Flake, pellet, scavenger
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 2 inches