Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish Semi-Aggressive 

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, is also called the Shortfin Lionfish or simply the Dwarf Lionfish. It has red, white, and black vertical stripes along the body with large, fan-like pectoral fins and tall, quill-like dorsal fins. The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish is appropriately named because of its full fins. Dendrochirus zebra may also be called the Dwarf Lionfish. Adult male Dwarf fuzzy lions are readily identified by having a larger head, longer pectoral fins (the fin tips reach past the caudal peduncle), and have between 6 to 10 bands (or stripes) on their pectoral fins. Female Dwarf fuzzy lionfish have only 4 to 6 stripes. In the wild, Dwarf fuzzy lions live singly or in groups of three to 10 individuals, but in a large home aquarium (100 gallons or greater) it is possible to keep a large dominant male and several females.

  • Scientific Name: Dendrochirus brachypterus
  • Family: Scorpaenidae
  • Origin: Africa, Indonesia
  • Max Size: 6-7 inches
  • Food: live fish and shrimp
  • Approximate Size: MD 2'' TO 3''