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Freshwater fish

Freshwater Tonguefish

Freshwater Tonguefish

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Freshwater tonguefish, also called freshwater sole, come from Thailand and if acclimated well to the aquarium can grow to seven inches and live to 15 years. Tonguefish are meat eaters but peaceful. Only the smallest fish will be prey for these very odd bottom dwellers. Tonguefish are found in fresh water and brackish water, so a little salt makes the water conditions more favorable. The trickiest part of acclimating these hardy fish is feeding. Frozen foods seem to be the best.

  • Scientific Name: Brachirus panoides
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Lifespan: 15 years  
  • Max Size: 7 inches
  • Food: Tiny live feeders, frozen, maybe cichlid pellets
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 3 inches
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