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Freshwater fish

Fuelleborni Cichlid Blue

Fuelleborni Cichlid Blue

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Blue Fueleborni Cichlid

The blue fuelleborni, also called marmelade fuelleborni cichlid, is an algae scaper in the wild but will eat some proteins, so veggies need to be a part of the diet along with flake or pellet foods. The scientific name "labeo" means thick lips, and tropheus means, obviously, trophy, and this cichlid family does have big trophy lips. labeotropheus are mouth brooders, which is always an interesting dynamic in the fish tank. The blue fuelleborni cichild features a primary blue body with some marmalade mottling.

  • Scientific name: Labeotropheus fuelleborni
  • Origin: Lake Malawi
  • Lifespan: 6 years
  • Max Size: 5 inches
  • Food: Flake, live, frozen
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 2 inches
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