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Fuji Red Discus

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Fuji Red Discus

Fuji Red Discus are yet another development of the Discus great Jack Wattley. These remarkably bright discus were bred from a few select offspring of pigeon blood discus until the strain was proven and today we have this variation bred throughout the World. The word "fuji" comes from the bright red Japanese Fuji apple.

Fuji red discus are similar to the red marlboro discus but they are much brighter red and tend to have some black in the outer edges of the fins.

  • Scientific Name: Symphysodon aquefasciatus
  • Origin: South America
  • Lifespan: 10+ years
  • Max Size:  7 inches
  • Food:  Pellet, live, frozen
  • Shipping Size:  Small 2", Medium 3", Large 4 inches