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The Whitecheek Tang or as it is also commonly referred to as within the aquarium hobby as the Gold-rimmed Surgeonfish or Whitecheek Surgeonfish is brilliantly colored fish with a blue-purple body and light blue and yellow highlights. While this species is very attractive, it requires highly oxygenated, clean, stable water conditions to do well in the home aquarium. This species should be kept by medium to advanced marine aquarists with large established aquariums. When properly housed and fed, this species is certainly a showpiece fish with its attractive size, shape and brilliant coloration.


Scientific Name: Acanthurus nigricans

Origin: Hawaii, Indonesia

Lifespan: 20 years

Max Size: 8 inches

Food: Live, Frozen and Flake

Require 125+ gallon tank

 Medium: 3" to 4"