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Green Banded Goby

Greenbanded Goby formerly known as Gobiosoma multifasciatum, has since been reclassified as Tigrigobius multifasciatus. This beautiful fish makes a wonderful addition to the smaller reef or fish only aquarium. This small peaceful species is a vivid green with thin iridescent green bands running vertically down the body. A white head with a brownish red band runs across each red eye.It is common for the Greenbanded Goby to spawn in an aquarium, laying its eggs in a crevice or empty shell. Seasonal fish some what rare to find.

  • Scientific Name: Tigrigobius Multifasciatus
  • Family: Gobiidae
  • Origin: Puerto Rico
  • Diet: frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp, table shrimp, and frozen food preparations for carnivores.
  • Approximate Size: Up to 1 inch