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Scott's Fairy Wrasse

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Scott's Fairy Wrasse

The Scott's Fairy Wrasse is a large, absolutely stunning, and peaceful fairy wrasse. It reaches 5 inches and sports an array of colors throughout its life span. This wrasse originates in the South Pacific, from the Coral Sea of eastern Australia to the Pitcairn group of islands. It is commonly found on the fore reef areas of outer reefs, and also a few in lagoons. Other common names it is know by include Scott's Greenback Fairy Wrasse, Scott's Wrasse, Greenback Fairy Wrasse, Scott's Velvet Wrasse, and Multicolor Fairy Wrasse. The wrasse was named for it's discoverer Sir Peter Scott. Colors vary depending on specific origin.

  • Scientific name: Cirrhilabrus scottorum
  • Origin: Australia et al
  • Max Size: 6 inches
  • Diet: Marine flake and pellet, frozen brine shrimp
  • Shipping Size: Approx: Small 1 to 2 inches, Medium 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches, Large 4 inches