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JBJ Aquarium 28 Gallon All Inclusive

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JBJ WiFi Control 28 Gallon Aquarium

The 28 Gallon WiFi  complete JBJ Aquarium showcases the future of All-In-One Aquariums with connected lighting, filtration, the whole nine yards - well - the whole 28 gallons.  This pro grade aquarium is featured on for $649.99!


  • Precisely adjust your aquarium lighting in real time or set-up a recurring schedule with the included wired controller.

Advanced Filtration

  • The integrated sump houses the advanced filtration system and designated columns for a heater and protein skimmer.
  • Enclosed filtration caddy isolates filtration media making it easy to replace.
  • Dual flared directional nozzles allow for customizable water flow.

Nano Cube Advanced Filtration

LED Canopy

  • Equipped with a brilliant 40 W LED fixture your saltwater corals or freshwater plants will thrive.
  • Three color channel LEDs include white, red, and blue for a broad spectrum of lighting.

Nano Cube WiFi LED Lighting


  • Dimensions: 17.5 × 22 × 22 in (44 × 56 × 56 cm)
  • Glass Thickness: 8 mm (Low Iron)
  • Capacity: 28 gal