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Live Black Worms Portion

Live Black Worms Portion

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Live Black Worms

Live black worms are ideal for transitioning those finicky fish to frozen or freeze dried blood worms. A few fish such as knife fish and elephant nose fish, and some picky discus fish require live black worms - at least as a treat. Ideally one should try to wean these pet fish off of live black worms because of expense and availability, and they are a pain in the foot,

Live black worms need to be kept in a refrigerator in a shallow tray with just enough water to cover them. Black worms should be rinsed every day in de-chlorinated cold water and they will not last more than two weeks..... Expect loss rate of up to 50% over the feeding period, though zero losses are just as common. 

  • Origin: California
  • Lifespan: 2 weeks with daily rinsing and refrigeration
  • Shipping Portion: 1/4 pound
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