Mbuna Cichlid Color Assortment

Mbunas are a very colorful collection of small cichlids that will eventually grow to 6 inches, so be prepared to get a larger aquarium down the road. At one inch mbuna cichlids look like a bunch of swimming jellybeans. Even at their small size Mbunas show a strong variety of colors. Mbunas means “rockfish” in the local Lake Malawi dialect and it’s a loose name applies to a large group of cichlids from that lake with a few exceptions, such as Peacock Cichlids. Mbunas can be kept together but should be kept with species of similar size. 

Small cichlids are priced at only $4.00 each for a group of four, medium cichlids are priced at only $7.50 each  for a group of four.

Lot of 4

  • Scientific name: Pseudotropheus sp.
  • Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa
  • Life Span: 12 years
  • Food: Cichlid pellets, flake, live
  • Shipping Size: Small 1 inch, medium 2 inches, large 3 to 5 inches