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Melanurus Wrasse Male


Melanurus Wrasse

One of the best kept secrets in the hobby, the Melanurus Wrasse is one of the best problem solvers for Planaria flatworms in reef aquariums. Forget medications that can harm or damage your delicate motile invertebrates! The Melanurus Wrasse will consume flatworms and you will see the difference within a matter of a couple of days. Once the flatworms are gone you have an attractive, friendly fish that will readily adjust to a captive diet and frequent the water column with activity. There are definite differences in the sexes as the female has a spot on it's tail and the male lacks that spot.

  • Scientific Name: Halichoeres melanurus
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Max Size: 4 inches
  • Diet: Marine flakes and frozen mysis
  • Shipping Size: 1 to 3 inches