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Oulophyllia Green Brain Coral


Oulophyllia crispa, (LPS)Semi-aggressive

Oulophyllia Brain Coral is a relatively rare and hard to find brain coral. Oulophyllia Brains can be a variety of colors including greens and blues. They get their name from the brain like patterns of their skeletons.In the evening and night time hours, the Oulophyllia Brain Coral can extend long tentacles out, and if any neighboring corals are in reach, they will be attacked. For this reason, it is advised to provide plenty of space between your Oulophyllia Brain and neighboring corals, also allow space for the Brain Coral to grow as well.

  • Scientific Name:Oulophyllia Crispa
  • Famliy:Faviidae
  • Origin:Indo
  • Care:Moderate water flow and lighting 
  • Diet: Plankton or baby brine shrimp 
  • Approximate Size: Md 2 to 3;Lg 3 to 4 1/2