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Peacock Cichlid Fancy Assortment 4LOT


Peacock Cichlids Fancy Assortment (Priced for four)

Peacock cichlids, upon maturity, are the brightest cichlids in the entire World. At two inches not so much, but at three inches both males and females display nice marbled coloration. Peacock cichlids get along with nearly all African cichlids, catfish, and large tetras and barbs, and larger oddball Africans. 

Extra fancy cichlids are bred in Taiwan for bright colors and these fish get better and better as they grow. These extra fancy grade peacocks are not normally found in pet stores. Most fish which display color at 2 inches are hormone fed which is unhealthy for cichlids and tend to cause their color to fade as they grow. 

An assorted lot of four should contain as least three different bright color variations. If you wish us to avoid a color or go heavy on a color please let us know!

Medium lot is priced at $12.00 each fish for a group of four, large lot is priced at $16.00 each fish for a group of four, jumbo lot is priced at $30.00 each fish for a group of four.

  • Scientific Name: Aulonocara hybrid
  • Origin: Lake Malawi
  • Life Span:  10 years
  • Maximum Size: 6 inches
  • Food: Flake, live, frozen
  • Shipping Size: Approx.  2 inches medium, 3 inches large, 4 plus inches jumbo