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Pink Tail Shark

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Pink Tail Shark

The pink tail shark, also called Hoven's Carp or the Asian Golden Shark, is a very large and active schooling barb and will actually grow to nearly three feet in the wild. Similar in appearance to pink tail chalceus, these peaceful omnivores will eat flake and pellet food and are very suitable for large aggressive and community aquariums. In the fish tank assume these guys will get to about 20 inches in about three years, so plan accordingly! The fins are all pink and the body is gold and silver. 

The pink tail chalceus from South America is a very different fish, but often confused in the trade since both species are called "pink tail sharks". 

  • Scientific name:  Leptobarbus hoeveni 
  • Origin: Borneo
  • Lifespan: 10 years
  • Food: Flake, pellet
  • Maximum Size:  24 inches
  • Shipping Size: Small 3 inches Medium 5  to 7 inches