The Cobalt Power Gravel Cleaner is the ultimate cleaning tool for your aquarium. Hang-on tank style housing operates just like your power filter, but with a gravel cleaning tube, intake nozzle and a re-useable cartridge/collection bag. Completely sealed and self-priming motor runs without leaks or spills and allows the entire unit to be cleaned in the sink without harming electrical components, making cleaning your Power Gravel Cleaner easy and safe.

Accessories Included:
A. 2 siphon tubes
B. Flexible intake hose C. Intake nozzle
D. Siphon tube coupler
E. Reusable cartridge/collection bag F. Intake screen
G. Hose adapter

Hose and gravel tube dimensions:
PGC 10-30:
Hose- 31" lift tube is 21" (2-sections) total length is 52"
PGC 30-125:
Hose-31" lift tube is 29" (3-sections) total length is 60"