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Green spotted puffer fish (Tetraodon nigroviridis) or the spotted puffer, leopard puffer as it’s also called is a unique fish. Its back has saturated green color that contrasts beautifully against its white abdomen.

The fish uncommon body shape and its pugdog-like face, protuberant eyes and little mouth add even more unusualness to the fish appearance. Green spotted puffer behavior is also quite far from the one peculiar to other fishes – it’s a very playful, active and curious fish. You may also say that the fish has a personality – it recognizes its owner and becomes very active when it sees him.

Spotted puffer will quickly gain your affection, yet keep in mind that green spotted puffer fish care is rather difficult, since it has some special requirements to tank conditions.

Adult green puffer fish requires complete change of its tank water parameters, that’s why it’s recommended for more experienced aquarists. Leopard puffer fish juveniles can live in freshwater, but the adult fish requires water with high salinity level.

Origin: Indonesia
Lifespan: 7 years
Max size: 4 inches
Food: Live feeders, frozen, flake