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Splendid Garden Eel

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Splendid Garden Eel

The Splendid Garden Eel from Fiji is also called the Orange-barred Garden Eel. Like all garden eels, the Splendid Eel is 100% reef safe. These eels face the current and feed on passing zooplankton.  The garden eel will always keep a part of its body inside the burrow even when feeding. In the wild triggerfish are known for digging out garden eels right out of their burrow in pursuit of a meal. 

  • Scientific Name:  Gorgasia preclara
  • Origin: Fiji
  • Max Size: 16 inches
  • Diet: Floating Zooplankton
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 7 inches 

****This item does not ship to Texas or Florida****