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Spotted Hawkfish


Spotted Hawkfish

This Hawkfish is a red fish with a white checked body. Or is it a white fish with a red checked body? Either way the Longnose Hawkfish is a neat little fish that can bring some personality to your tank. The Hawkfish needs a bit of rock work to perch itself upon and watch life go by. Sometimes something will catch their eye and then they pounce, only to retreat back to their perch. Avoid keeping Longnose Hawkfish in tanks with small invertebrates because they can and will go after the inverts. Snails, Hermit Crabs and Sea stars are all fair game to the Hawkfish.

  • Scientific Name: Oxycirrhites typus
  • Origin: Indo - Pacific Ocean
  • Lifespan: 2-4 years
  • Max Size: 5 inches
  • Food: live, flake, frozen