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Tonga Fighting Conch

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Tonga Fighting Conch

Excellent for keeping substrate clean as well as glass and rock, this snail is a nocturnal feeder and will usually be less visible during daylight hours.

Tonga Fighting Conch's are great for keeping your sandbed algae free. Mostly nocturnal, the Tonga Fighting Conch uses it's 'trunk' like a vacuum to remove algae from the rocks. It buries itself in the sand to sleep and will also turn up the sandbed. No supplemental feedings are necessary unless there is not enough algae in the aquarium, then it is recommended to wrap a piece of dried seaweed around a rock and place in the aquarium

  • Scientific Name: Strombus Gibberulus
  • Origin: Tonga 
  • Max Size: 2 inches
  • Shipping Size: 3/4 to 1 inch